Today’s Buzz features more on the Dallas shootings, the case against tiny houses, and San Francisco’s banning of foam cups, coolers, and toys.  In honor of the resurgent Pokemon craze this buzz is dedicated to those little pocket monster that people are excitedly imprisoning!

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Serena Williams Wins Wimbledon, Tying Record for Grand Slam Singles Titles: Williams not only matched Steffi Graf’s number of major championships, but also avenged a loss to Angelique Kerber at the Australian Open final this year.

Police are safer under Obama than they have been in decades: In the aftermath of the mass shooting of a dozen police officers in Dallas this week, some conservatives rushed to lay blame for the incident at the feet of the Obama administration. These statements are part of a broader narrative of a “war on cops” carried out by the Obama administration and/or the Black Lives Matter movement, depending on whom you ask. It’s certainly true that some shooters of police, such as the Dallas attacker, appear to be motivated by a hatred of white police officers or a twisted urge to seek revenge for police shootings of black Americans. But the simplistic and inflammatory notion of a “war on cops” is completely undercut by one fundamental data point: Intentional attacks on police officers are at historically low levels under President Obama.


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Michigan senator to introduce ‘Uniformed Lives Matter’ bill: Attacks would be classified as hate crimes.

Clinton outlines progressive health care agenda: Hillary Clinton is pledging to follow through on progressive health care policies in a new campaign document as Democratic delegates meet in Orlando on the party’s platform and she woos Bernie Sanders’ supporters. The document mostly rehashes Clinton’s previous proposals, including extending Medicare as an option to Americans 55 years and older, allowing undocumented immigrants to purchase coverage from Obamacare exchanges, and efforts to fight high out-of-pocket health care costs. The document itself is largely symbolic, but it’s taken on more weight this year as Clinton moves left to appeal to Sanders’ supporters.

No, really, George W. Bush lied about WMDs: The best estimates available suggest that m o re than 250,000 people have died as a result of George W. Bush and Tony Blair’s decision to invade Iraq in 2003. A newly released investigative report from the UK government suggests that intelligence officials knew ahead of time that the war would cause massive instability and societal collapse and make the problem of terrorism worse — and that Blair and Bush went ahead with the effort anyway.

Should Women Register for the Draft? Over the past few months, Congress has been in the middle of a debate over whether to expand the Selective Service registration requirement to include women in any future military draft. In the latest development, the full House just voted on the idea for the first time after Ohio Representative Warren Davidson attached an amendment to a major government funding bill that would bar the government from paying for the expansion. It passed, causing another setback for supporters of women joining Selective Service


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Local Gov Confidential

San Francisco enacts broad ban on foam cups, coolers, toysSan Francisco, say goodbye to those squeaky, Styrofoam-like coffee cups that have long been a staple of picnic outings.In fact, people in San Francisco won’t be able to buy polystyrene foam coolers, kiddie pool toys or packing peanuts after supervisors approved a measure in June that goes far beyond the prohibition on foam food carryout containers in effect in dozens of cities and counties.

‘This Is on My Generation of Leaders,’ Says Dallas Mayor: Mike Rawlings bluntly invoked the legacy of racism in speaking about recent violence by and against police.

Tempe man: Landlord wants pride flag removed: Landlord said flying rainbow flag could ‘promote negative reactions and possibly harmful retaliation,’ tenant says.

Tiny Houses Aren’t the Solution: Vox publishes an article debunking tiny houses as the housing silver bullet some hope they will become.

$26 Million Civic Center Station Renovation Breaks Ground in Denver: Few cities in recent years have broadcast as many headlining transit investments as Denver. The renovation of a station handling 15,000 passengers a day is the latest.