In today’s Buzz we explore Garrison Keillor’s impact on public radio, populism on the American right, and Paris’ ban on older cars.

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Elie Wiesel, memory keeper for victims of Nazi persecution, dies: The Holocaust survivor chronicled his experience in concentration camps and used his moral authority to focus attention on atrocities around the world.

How Garrison Keillor United America: On Saturday, Garrison Keillor will sign off as the host of A Prairie Home Companion for the final time, ending a four-decade run as the public radio show’s writer and voice. This fall, the program will return to its original format as a musical variety show, transitioning away from Keillor’s unique brand of radio sketch humor and his monologue of the news from the fictional town of Lake Wobegon where, he notes each week, “all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.”

Bangladesh attack targeted foreigners, country’s elite: Gunmen reportedly divided hostages by nationality and spared those who could recite Koran verses. The 12-hour standoff left at least 28 people dead, including 20 hostages and two police officers.

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Why Is Populism Winning on the American Right? If your political tendencies disinclined you to favor the U.S. presidential candidacy of Donald Trump, you might be tempted to think that for all its initial implausibility, it’s in retrospect not that tough to explain:Trump’s doubters simply underestimated a contempt for reality and depth of bigotry among Republican Party voters. It’s an inversion of Trump’s apparent view of himself, really: His haters couldn’t comprehend how much true-believing Americans would love him for his authenticity, decisiveness, and straight-shooting demolition of nonsense.

‘Brexit’ Journal: ‘Brexit’ Vote Gave Me a Harsh, Belated Wake-Up Call: Born in Washington, the author grew up in Europe and came to appreciate the sense of feeling so connected to other Europeans. Now she is trying to make sense of what happened.

Thousands march through London’s streets to vent frustration over Brexit: Several at the rally said they wanted to ensure that their voices are heard as the debate shifts to the terms of Britain’s departure: “The British public needs a clear view of what the plan is.”

Mixed Reaction In Puerto Rico To New Financial Oversight Board: President Obama signed into law the implementation of a financial oversight board for Puerto Rico, which has been trapped in a fiscal crisis. But it’s not a permanent solution.

Abortion-Rights Supporters, Opponents Plan Next Steps: Despite the Supreme Court’s striking down of a controversial Texas law, the battle over abortion rights is far from over. Advocates are planning new laws and challenges around the country.




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Paris just banned all cars made before 1997: In an effort to curb pollution that some days makes the city as smoggy as Beijing, Paris began on Friday to ban cars built before 1997 from coming within city limits.

Michigan boy begs judge: Don’t free my mother from jail: The son of a 39-year-old woman serving a jail sentence for molesting him asked a judge not to grant his mother’s request for early release from jail for good behavior.

Q&A: Chicago park defender unapologetic on Lucas Museum fray: The head of a small nonprofit that stood its ground and blocked “Star Wars” creator George Lucas’ private museum from being built on Chicago’s prized lakefront is unapologetic in the face of attacks that its campaign merely protected an existing parking lot.

Harney County farmer ‘just trying to break even’ after loss of Portland container shipping: Crane alfalfa farmer Mark Owens can no longer ship hay to Portland, now that the last remaining trans-Pacific carrier at the Terminal 6 container port has left town.