Weekly Update – 06.26.16

Weekly Update – 06.26.16

Another busy week full of travel and local government learning – Kent Wyatt and Ben McCready were in Fontana, WI for the Illinois/Wisconsin City Manager’s Association conference; and I was in Everett, WA for the Association of Washington Cities conference with Chris Maddox and Luke Fretwell. Both opportunities allowed us to meet IRL some ELGL friends who have been doing great work for us (here’s lookin’ at you, Zach Ratkai and Chad Doran).

Not gonna lie - fangirled pretty hard when I learned about the AWC GIS Consortium.

Not gonna lie – fangirled pretty hard when I learned about the AWC GIS Consortium.

I also had the chance to geek out pretty hard about some collaboration that’s occurring at the local government level around GIS services. AWC is facilitating a “GIS Consortium” where municipalities can pool resources to enhance or develop their data and GIS footprint. It’s exactly the kind of collaboration that I love to see, and I’ll be meeting with the consultants who put the AWC program together to see how ELGL members could benefit from similar programming or education.

Here’s your Sunday column with an overview of what we’ve accomplished in the prior week. If you have any questions, please email me or tweet at me.


Communicate (ELGL.org Content):

Communicate (By the Numbers):

  • ELGL.org had 18,370 page views (13,800 unique views) on 26 blog posts.
  • The most popular post of the week? Final 4 for the Inaugural Trending Now! Award
  • Our Tweets from the main ELGL account had 79,40o impressions.
  • We added 20 new Facebook followers and our posts reached 3,800 people from the main ELGL Facebook page.


Final Thoughts:

  • As ELGL criss-crosses the country, conducting trainings and assisting at conferences, it’s becoming apparent that we can really add value to the local government community by not just commenting on the trainings we attend, but by also showing the nuts-and-bolts logistics of what we present, so those sessions can be replicated by our members in their organizations.
  • Stay tuned for the ways we compile all of these presentations in a way that is easy for our members to use and copy into the future.
  • Here’s my favorite GIF of the week:


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