In today’s Morning Buzz Britain votes to leave the European Union, financial markets face uncertainty, and a Supreme Court deadlock blocks Obama’s Immigration Plan.

How did Prime Minister David Cameron break the news of the Brexit to the European Union?  Today’s Buzz is dedicated to the breakup.


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Britain shocks world: breaks with European Union, British leader steps down British voters defied their leaders and international allies by cutting ties with the European Union in a stunning result Friday that threw financial markets into chaos, forced Britain’s prime minister to resign and unleashed a new independence quest by Scotland. As Britain absorbed the earth-shaking news, the political fallout reached to the highest level with Prime Minister David Cameron saying he would step down after championing the campaign to remain in the European Union.

Turbulence and Uncertainty for the Market After ‘Brexit’ No one really knows what happens now. The collective imagination leads to dark places. The world map has been redrawn with the rules of commerce across Europe, the largest marketplace on earth. Britain’s vote on Thursday to leave the European Union has set in motion an unprecedented and unpredictable process that threatens turbulence and potential crisis — for Britain, for Europe and for the global economy.

Supreme Court Tie Blocks Obama Immigration Plan The Supreme Court announced on Thursday that it had deadlocked in a case challenging President Obama’s immigration plan, effectively ending what Mr. Obama had hoped would become one of his central legacies. The program would have shielded as many as five million undocumented immigrants from deportation and allowed them to legally work in the United States. The 4-4 tie, which left in place an appeals court ruling blocking the plan, amplified the contentious election-year debate over the nation’s immigration policy and presidential power.






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No bear hunt this year, state officials say  There will not be a state-sanctioned bear hunt this year because Florida Fish & Wildlife commissioners voted Wednesday night to delay a decision on another hunt until 2017.

Oil Made Venezuela Rich, And Now It’s Making It Poor  “Venezuela,” New York Times reporter Nicholas Casey wrote this week, “is convulsing from hunger.” Grocery stores are out of food; hospitals are out of medicine; gangs are fighting in the streets over meager supplies.

‘There is no silver bullet’: City, county leaders discuss homelessness at forum  Five speakers – including Mayor-elect Ted Wheeler and Portland Business Alliance Chairman Mitch Hornecker – put forward different ideas on how to deal with Portland’s “no. 1 issue.” But there was a consensus on at least one thing.

City of Eugene to bill Trump campaign $92,300 for rally costs  The City of Eugene plans to bill Donald Trump’s campaign for the May 2016 visit.

Wisconsin legislator seeks triple damages at businesses that ban guns  State Rep. Bob Gannon’s bill would discourage businesses from posting signs stating that firearms and other weapons are prohibited on the premises.

Wisconsin Supreme Court rules Milwaukee can’t require workers to live in city  In the 5-2 ruling, the court found a 2013 law prevented the city from enforcing a long-standing rule requiring workers to live within its boundaries.

Pipeline will drastically reduce property values  Beautiful 80 acres of farmland is probably worth a lot less with an oil pipeline running under it

Pedophile charge finally catches up with ex-councilman Charles Pugh  The former Detroit City Council president and Fox 2 anchor is accused of molesting a Michigan teen in 2003-2004.

Made in China: America’s Appetite for Assault Weapons  In May 2000, Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Pete Stark, and Carolyn McCarthy wrote a letter to their House counterparts urging them to deny China a far-reaching and highly-coveted trade status called Permanent Normal Trade Relations. In their warning, the three Democrats didn’t mention the potentially damaging economic or political ramifications of such a relationship with China or even invoke the country’s infamous human-rights record.

Zika Is the ‘Most Difficult’ Emergency Health Response Ever, CDC Official Says  After the House of Representatives finally passed a Zika funding bill on Thursday—for $1.1 billion (less than the $1.9 billion President Obama originally requested), much of it taken away from Affordable Care Act funding, and remaining Ebola emergency money.

The Re-Re-Re-Re-Reboot of Trump  On Wednesday, Donald Trump gave, by his standards, a restrained and subtle speech.

Untangling Paris’s Chaotic Metro Map  Paris has one of the busiest metros in the world, with roughly 300 stations scattered throughout nearly 40 square miles.

Apartheid’s Urban Legacy, in Striking Aerial Photographs  Johnny Miller was just starting out as a photographer in Seattle in 2011 when he won a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship that took him to Cape Town, South Africa—a country that, like his own, has a long history of institutional racism and segregation.

Chicago’s Advantages  When I wrote that Chicago is the duck-billed platypus of American cities, I noted that there were a lot things about Chicago that were unique – both good and bad – putting it in a class of its own and making it hard to compare Chicago with other cities.

High Test Scores At A Nationally Lauded Charter Network, But At What Cost?  Rocketship charter schools were supposed to revolutionize education, Silicon Valley-style, and enroll 1 million students. It hasn’t worked out exactly that way.

Invisibilia: Is Your Personality Fixed Or Can You Change Who You Are?  A man committed a horrible crime. Then he decided he no longer wanted to be a bad person. It is possible to change our personalities, psychologists say, even though we like to think they’re innate.


Local Government Confidential

Power struggle between Muscatine’s mayor and city council  Since January 2016, Muscatine Mayor Diana Broderson said she’s been in a power struggle with the city council.

Elgin City Council approves manager’s contract for Kozal  The Elgin City Council approved a contract to promote Rick Kozal to city manager despite opposition from two council members who cited concerns that the deal was rushed and the compensation is too generous.

Incoming City Council president will focus on the basics  To be an effective City Council member, you have to communicate endlessly, effectively and openly.