Handwriting has always been a fascination of mine. Everyone’s is as unique as their personality, and it tells a story. Share your handwriting too! #ELGLhandwriting.

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  • What I’m Listening To– Arctic Monkeys-full blast in my office this morning.
  • What I’m Doing – Bothering people for handwriting ‘samples’.
  • What I want to know from you – What does your handwriting look like??



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How to Bike to Work Without Looking Like a Sweaty Mess. Bike season is in full swing, and it’s easy to daydream about skipping the stale-air subway in favor of a cycling commute. Riding to work is efficient—it’s eco-friendly and has predictable travel times—plus, you’ve got natural air conditioning as you zip around in the breeze. But you might get sweaty, and that can be a bit of a problem if you need to quickly clean up for a meeting or presentation. With a bit of planning, though, it shouldn’t be a problem. Here’s how to stay cool during—and after—your ride.


The Cavaliers’ Victory Is the Cleveland Transit Authority’s Nightmare. When the Cavaliers defeated the Golden State Warriors on June 19 in what was quite possibly the tensest NBA Finals Game 7 in recent memory, Cleveland went nuts. This was the city’s first victory in 52 years—not just for basketball, but for any sport. The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority responded to tweets about its failings with both transparency and empathy.





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