#ELGL16 Sponsor Trust Tree

#ELGL16 Sponsor Trust Tree

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A huge thanks for our growing list of #ELGL16 sponsors

Here are the details on #ELGL16:

Who: A compelling line up of local government leaders discussing everything from #13Percent, to infrastructure investment, to leadership (and everything in between). Each pop up location will have its own agenda, and every session in every location will be recorded and added to the ELGL Webinar Library.

What: A one-day conference experience in cities across the country.

When: October 21, 2016

Where: Take your pick: Portland, San Francisco, Denver, Dallas, Chicago or Durham

Why: This is the only big-tent local government conference in the nation. You’ll rub elbows with people from all aspects of local government, while learning about compelling and trending issues. It’s the best $75 you’ll spend on professional development.

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  • Maya Williams says:

    Are these virtual conferences or are they held in person? If in person, where will the SF conference take place?

    • Yes! Each of the six conferences will have a physical location *and* all sessions will be streamed via ELGL.org. The SF conference is actually in Menlo Park at the public library! Registration opens up again on August 22.

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