Rock the Vote: GovLove Nominated for Podcast Awards

GovLove! GovLove! GovLove! You’ve listened to it (hopefully). You’ve grown to love it (right?). You’ve being living to vote for it as the best podcast ever (just go with it). GovLove has been nominated for the Podcast Awards in the best government podcast category. Voting is live so it’s time to get to work voting.

Link: Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote GovLove!


Listen to GovLove: iTunes and SoundCloud (Do It, Please!)

Background on GovLove

In 2016, GovLove was named one of the top 10 government podcasts by GovLoop.

GovLove is a podcast informing government communicators about how to effectively reach their audiences, workplace tips, and more. Podcasts range from the glass ceiling to leveraging technology and frequently feature notable local, state, and national leaders.

GovLove is hosted by Ben Kittelson, Kent Wyatt, and Kirsten Wyatt. Previous guests include Pat Martel, ICMA President, Gabe Klein, author of The Start-Up City, and the creator of Cards Against Urbanity. A new episode is posted each Friday.