04.01.13: Your Morning Buzz

Google, YouTube, Twitter get into April Fools’ action

The High Five

  1. For Nike, being controversial is often profitable – The Washington, D.C.-based Human Rights Campaign advocacy group didn’t intend to create a social-media sensation last week. It put pink stripes on red background in the shape of an equal sign to use for its own promotional purposes, not because it expected multitudes of Facebook users to begin adoptiong (or adapting) it for their profile pictures.

  2. Participatory civics lessons – Students in a North Eugene High class learn by engaging

  3. Should Cities Ban Plastic Bags? Many cities around the globe have already banned the ubiquitous bags from stores, and activists are pushing for bans elsewhere. But skeptics say that science doesn’t support the idea that plastic bags do any genuine harm.

  4. Presumption of Ignorance – The Bell corruption verdicts expose small-minded politicians.

  5. How the Density of Your County Affects How You Vote – Political scientists and party activists continue to sift through the demographic tea leaves left behind by the last election—the Democrats’ white South problem, the Republicans’ larger race problem, the growing generational divide. But the most striking gap between the parties is not the race or age or even income of voters. It’s how close they live to each other. 

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2nd Annual ELGL Call for Resumes – Deadline April 1
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I’m Just a Bill


The Fiscal Cliff

Sequester Impact Remains Elusive

Hagel Warns of Big Squeeze at the Pentagon

Lakewood stares at $490,000 budget gap

Lebanon assistant manager position eliminated

Inside Portlandia

DOJ Investigation Adds to Chaos in Clackamas County

Council to consider minimum parking requirments

Survey of Bull Run Watershed landslide risks proposed

Beaverton plans in line with Metro climate-based goals

Metro’s “Drive Less” campaign fuels up on new ideas


Outside Portlandia

Coos Bay City Council will discuss controversy over cross in city park

Albany & Eastern plans to clear 50 feet on each side of the tracks between Lebanon & Sweet Home, citing visibility and safety

Seattle tries to tie up loose ends on hauling contract

Is he a ‘5’ or is he a ‘1’? Burien lawmakers differ strongly on City Manager Martin

Would new rules leave loophole for big houses on small lots?

City of Chico hires new finance director

Go West, Springfield

Sweet wants job back as interim Sunnyside city manager

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2nd Annual ELGL Call for Resumes – Deadline April 1 – ELGL is now accepting entries for the 2nd edition of the Resume Book. We encourage all ELGL members to submit a resume whether you are employed or you are looking for employment. Non-ELGL members can also submit a resume but members will receive priority placement in the book.

April Fools’ jokes rarely amuse bosses – Sixty-eight percent of advertising and marketing executives consider April Fools’ pranks unsuitable for the office, according to a 2010 survey national study by The Creative Group, a recruitment firm.

Millennials poised to redefine the auto market – For most automakers, baby boomers are the proverbial 800-pound gorilla that still drives the industry, the biggest buying group in terms of raw vehicle sales and, in particular, the generation spending the most for each of the cars they buy.

Spring Clean Your Resume! So you’ve cleaned your closetmaybe your inbox, and you’re feeling pretty good about your spring cleaning. But before you wash your hands and congratulate yourself — pull out your resume, and take a look at it (whether or not you’re looking for a job right now).

4 Networking Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making – Whether you’re looking for a job or not, you’ve probably been encouraged to “network, network, network!” more times than you can count. Are all those conferences and events you’re attending leading to new connections or opportunities?

Social Network

Infographic: The Demographics of Social Network Users – With 90% of marketers now using social in their media campaigns, it’s vital for them to know as much as possible about the users of social networks. This week’s infographic from AdWeek is based on a recent study by the Pew Research Centre that shows the varying habits and preferences of users on five popular social networks—Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Attract a Huge Crowd With LinkedIn – Don’t let your virtual and live events be a bust. Use these LinkedIn event-marketing strategies to create your A-list and fill those seats with just the right crowd.

Fiber City: Kansas City No Longer ‘Cow Town, USA’ – Not that it ever fit the label, but with Google choosing Kansas City as its first ever “fiber city,” the community is debunking the myth that it’s just another “fly-over” town.

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