03.22.13: Your Morning Buzz

Cabela’s store slated to anchor Nyberg Rivers development

The High Five

  1. John Ludlow, Tootie Smith launched shake-up without telling colleagues – Half an hour after John Ludlow and Tootie Smith were sworn in as Clackamas County commissioners, they walked into the office of the county’s head administrator and – without consulting the other three commissioners – handed him a letter calling for his resignation.

  2. Did I Abandon My Creative Class Theory? Not So Fast, Joel Kotkin.  Joel Kotkin says I’ve turned my back on the idea that the creative class spurs economic growth and reinvigorates cities. My response? Bollocks.

  3. Introducing CityLab  – We’re getting ready to launch a new series on city-level experimentation around the world, and we need your help.

  4. Britain’s Oddly Captivating Reality Show About Land Use  – The Planners is partly bucolic escapism and partly a sidelong look at the state of Britain today. And yes, it’s actually fascinating.

  5. In the Line of Fire – Is city hall finally ready to reform Portland Fire & Rescue?


The ELGL 4-1-1

Newest ELGL MemberSara Singer, Tualatin Deputy City Manager

The ELGL Resume Book…It’s Back – ELGL is now accepting entries for the 2nd edition of the Resume Book. We encourage all ELGL members to submit a resume whether you are employed or you are looking for employment. Non-ELGL members can also submit a resume but members will receive priority placement in the book.

Upcoming ELGL Forums – April 11: Greg Baker, Damascus City Manager and April 17: K.L. Wombacher, Hillsboro Hops General Manager

What You’re Reading – Top Five Blog Posts: 

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  3. 03.18.13 Your Morning Buzz
  4. New Sensation with Emma Williams, Oregon Metro
  5. The Takeaway with John Anderson, Troutdale City Manager


I’m Just a Bill

The Fiscal Cliff


Inside Portlandia


Outside Portlandia


The Career Center

For Whom the Bell Tolls – The inexorable decline of America’s least favorite pronoun

The complete guide to taking notes effectively at work – Here’s everything you need to know about taking notes at work, but never bothered to ask.

It’s Time to Retire ‘Crap Circles’ – Here’s the original article. I urge you to forward it to violators, and submit examples in the comments below of the worst (or best?) crap circles you’ve encountered.



The World Wide Web

How Social Media is Threatening Job Monogamy – Have you ever browsed the web at work and stumbled upon job postings? It’s easy to do considering they’re everywhere – you’ll find them on LinkedIn, Twitter, professional development websites and more. As taboo as it is to look at other job listings at work, chances are you didn’t immediately close the page. So if you are committed to your work but lusting after other jobs, are you cheating on your employer?

Hey! You! Get off of Google’s cloud! I’ve yet to meet anybody who used Google’s RSS Reader more, or pushed it harder than I have over the  last eight years. I consult its aggregations on my desktop the first thing in the morning, even before retrieving my four daily newspapers from the curb. Later, like a donkey following a carrot on a stick, I nibble  on my iPhone feed as I walk to the subway. At work, I keep Reader open to follow blogs and news and , to the neglect of my children, it has  been my steady bedtime companion for some time.

Facebook Like a Ninja With These Keyboard Shortcuts – Did you know Facebook offers an entire range of keyboard shortcuts, designed for keyboard-only users?

Follow This: 16 Twitter Stars To Add To Your Feed Now – Is your Twitter feed uninspiring and full of the same old same old? Fast Company editors help you liven it up with some our favorites–the most inspirational, informative, news-breaking, and original voices we love to follow.

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