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Happy sequestration day

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The High Five

  1. Washington State Supreme Court: Initiatives that require two-thirds majority for tax hikes unconstitutional – In a landmark ruling 20 years in the making, the Washington State Supreme Court this morning struck down Initiative 1053 as unconstitutional.

  2. Why a Bicycle Tax Might Not Be Pointless After All – Some bike advocates see fees as a useful starting point in an inevitable discussion about sharing road costs.

  3. An Urban-Suburban Compromise to Revitalize a Buffalo Neighborhood  – Larkinville, Buffalo’s most successful urban development initiative in decades, merges city hip with suburban convenience.

  4. Public Safety Crisis – Before the Hatchet Fell – For several years, public officials have been making a point to communicate to the public the severity of Lane County’s public safety crisis. According to county officials, the public safety situation is only going to be more dire should the voters of Lane County choose not to approve a proposed levy which would ensure the maintenance of 255 beds at the Lane County Jail, and 36 at the John Serbu Youth Campus and Juvenile Justice Center. This levy, if passed, will keep the beds operational for a period of five years.

  5. Federal budget cuts will dribble out in Oregon – Don’t be alarmed if you don’t notice. The effect in Oregon will be minimal, at least for most people, and especially early on. Social Security and Medicare benefits are exempt, as is funding for low-income programs like welfare and food stamps.


I’m Just a Bill


The Fiscal Cliff


Outside Portlandia

The Career Center

The ELGL Resume Book…It’s Back – ELGL is now accepting entries for the 2nd edition of the Resume Book. We encourage all ELGL members to submit a resume whether you are employed or you are looking for employment. Non-ELGL members can also submit a resume but members will receive priority placement in the book.

Oregon’s incredibly shrinking counties–what to do? – Certainly, these counties have a revenue problem due to a lack of timber receipts. But it’s more than that. These counties also have the lowest property tax rates and some of the lowest incomes in the state. Their local government infrastructure is unraveling-and they refuse to step up and pay to mend it.

Millennials Say They’d Give Up Their Cars Before Their Computers or Cell Phones – And here’s yet another: Ask Millennials which piece of technology they could least live without, and it turns out they’d more happily part with their cars than their computers or cell phones. That question, graphed below, comes from the third installment of Zipcar’s annual Millennial survey.

Open-Plan Office: An Introvert’s Worse Nightmare – According to author Susan Cain, open-plan offices are disastrous, particularly for introverts.

The Yahoo memo and Marissa Mayer’s big innovation gamble – The backlash against the leaked Yahoo memo banning telecommuting work was as swift as it was comprehensive. Innovative CEOs such as Richard Branson were “perplexed” by the move. Telecommuting advocates fretted that Marissa Mayer, the company’s CEO, was attempting to turn back the clock on flexible workplace advances. Working moms worried that Mayer — herself a new mother — had turned into an evil caricature of a woman who wanted to have it all.

The Ultimate Performance Review: How Will You Measure Your Life? This past December, I spent the holidays caring for my 87-year old uncle as he succumbed to a brain tumor. Ira was a childless widower. I was his closest living relative and primary caregiver.

Best Advice: Speak Even if Everyone Else Is Silent – My grandmother was the daughter of enslaved people. Her parents were born into slavery in Virginia in the 1840s and she was born in the 1880s.


A Call to Action

The City of Portland invites you to join the Community Budget Forums. The Forums provide you with the opportunity to offer testimony before City Council and express which service priorities are most important to Portland residents for next year’s FY 2013-14 budget.

VOTE: Mayors Challenge Fan Favorite Selection – The Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge is a competition designed to inspire America’s mayors to generate innovative ideas that solve major challenges and improve city life.

Mayor Piercy to Meet with Eugene Residents – Every month, Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy holds one-on-one public sessions to speak individually with citizens. This month, the session will be held on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 from 5:00-6:00 p.m. at Albertson’s, located at 1675 West 18th Avenue.

City wants help from residents – A 10-question survey has been mailed to all city residents. Residents are asked to return completed surveys to Sandy City Hall, 39250 Pioneer Blvd., by Monday, March 4.


The World Wide Web

Employers should keep their noses out of Facebook – The potential for abuse of that lens has led legislators in Oregon and across the nation to consider ways to protect students and employees who might be coerced to divulge private information shared with friends on social media sites.

6 steps to awesomeness on social media—without burning out – Too many communications departments are focused on providing real-time responses.

Take a Look at Facebook’s Redesigned Timeline – Facebook is testing a new Timeline design. Currently live in New Zealand, the new look brings a slimmed down toolbar to the top of profile pages and repositions other content.

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