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Danica Patrick is out front at Daytona. But the women of NASCAR have miles to go

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The High Five

Mapping the Legal Pot Era in Spokane – Here’s one for you: it’s legal to possess marijuana in Washington these days, but it’s still illegal to buy or sell it. That little paradox will likely remain in place until at least early December. Initiative 502 — which legalized recreational pot last November for anyone over 21 — gave the state’s liquor control board about a year to sort out the regulatory details for the new industry.

How Fort Collins Created America’s First Zero-Energy District – An ambitious experiment in sustainability-obsessed Fort Collins, Colorado, supporting development of the nation’s first major urban zero-energy district is already hinting at important lessons for participating workplaces.

Leveraging Public Sector Contracts for New Manufacturing Jobs – What would it look like if the billions of dollars spent by our public agencies to provide services were also leveraged to encourage job creation for low-income people? Today, we don’t have to look far for one such example.

The Limits of Urban Planning With LEGOs – I imagine that most people who read Atlantic Cities love SimCity (and will go wild when a new version is released in March). What about trying SimCity in the physical world? Even if you’re not an urban planner or mayor, this is possible, at least sort of.

Post-election, new generation of governors seek to broaden their appeal – Republicans Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is trying to ditch his state’s income tax while Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is working to shift people off his state’s Medicaid rolls and onto private insurance. They are among the Republicans trying to claim an outside-the-Beltway mantle in a GOP lacking a single standard bearer.

I’m Just a Bill

The Fiscal Cliff

Inside Portlandia

Outside Portlandia

The Career Center

Delaying Car and Home Ownership Has Helped Millennials Dramatically Reduce Their Debt – Prior to the recession, a lot of us binged on things we had no business buying, like big houses and second cars and smaller luxuries affordable only with credit card debt. In the process, Americans – and young Americans in particular – became an impressively (and historically) indebted lot.

Office Conflict: Women and the ‘Catty’ Trap – Women who fight in the office are viewed more harshly than men who have disagreements at work, new research has found.

12 Tricky Interview Questions For Interns – UBS is asking candidates why manholes are round, and Google wants to know how many barbers there are in Delhi. And it gets weirder. Some intern applicants are asked what song they’d sing on American Idol, while others were challenged to name five things you could use a gallon of water and a Styrofoam cup for that don’t involve holding water.

A Call to Action

What do you think about proposed transportation plan amendments? Metro is asking the public to weigh in on project list changes for the 2035 Regional Transportation Plan. Public comments on proposed amendments will be taken through April 8.

Mayor Piercy to Meet with Eugene Residents Tuesday, Feb. 26 – Every month, Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy holds one-on-one public sessions to speak individually with citizens.

Online Voting Open for Springfield to Win Grant Money for Mayor’s Challenge – Springfield is one of 20 finalist cities across the United States seeking to procure a $5 million grant from Bloomberg’s Mayor’s.

The World Wide Web

Dear Matt Wingard: Stop playing a legislator on Twitter – Last year, Matt Wingard (R-Wilsonville) was forced not to run for reelection after allegations surfaced that Wingard pressured an aide to have sex with him and that he was supplying alcohol to minors. That hasn’t stopped Wingard from still trying to look like a legislator on Twitter.

25 Clever Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts – If you use the main Twitter website, we can help you out with some seriously useful keyboard shortcuts. Whether it’s navigational tricks or keyboard actions, these handy shortcuts will save you tons of time.

Is Your Social Media Policy Useless? The headline wasn’t exactly subtle: “Even if It Enrages Your Boss, Social Net Speech Is Protected.” This New York Times article, which ran a few weeks ago, outlined a series of recent National Labor Relations Board rulings that analyzed employee firings in the wake of potentially-damaging Facebook posts.

The Geography of Happiness According to 10 Million Tweets – Red states are relatively happier. Blue states are relatively less happy. Gray states are neutral.

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