Vote: MVP of Guest Bloggers

Each guest blogger has shown off their skills at delivering local government news. You’ve seen funny animal pictures, book recommendations, interviews with city officials, and networking recommendations. Now it is time for you to vote by simply clicking on the link below of the blogger that you believe is the “MVP.”

The winner will be determine by the number of “clicks” their posts received along with an adjustment for the day of the week they were posting. (The guest blogger on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday will get a curve since they posted on a weekend or holiday.)

Who is your MVP selection? Vote by clicking one of the following links.

Amber Mathiesen, City of Falls City, City Adminstrator

Ben Bryant, City of Tualatin, Management Analyst

Justin Cutler, Sunset Empire Parks and Recreation District, General Manager

Ken Ray, Metro, Senior Public Affairs Coordinator

Mark Stotik, Clackamas County, Labor and Employee Relations Manager

Mary Beth Henry, City of Portland, Manager, Office for Community Technology

Megan Messmer, City of Florence, Assistant to the City Manager

Peter Watts, Jordan Ramis, Attorney

Rafael Baptista, Linfield College