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Fox Paid Sarah Palin $15.85 a Word During Her Three-Year Contract

Sack cartoon: Palin leaves Fox | StarTribune.com


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The High Five

In this cartoon by Andy Marlette, President Barack Obama spritzes deer antler spray, which is supposedly a performance-enhancing substance, on his U.S. economic growth report. (Gannett, Andy Marlette/Pensacola (Fla.) News Journal)

  1. SAN BERNARDINO: Bankrupt city searches for new manager – WANTED: Executive to lead bankrupt city with crime and blight but no money to fix them. Must be willing to work long hours, endure abuse by elected officials. Nerves of steel a plus.

  2. The birth of the income tax – Congress passed the 16th Amendment thinking the states wouldn’t ratify it. Then things got complicated.

  3. Muni Bonds’ Future May Lie in Foreign Investors’ Hands – Foreign investors matter to the municipal bond market for two reasons.

  4. What Super Bowl Fans Can Expect From the Revamped Superdome – The Superdome opened in 1975, not quite in time to host Super Bowl IX like it was scheduled to (that game was played at the outdoor Tulane Stadium instead). It quickly became an architectural icon, recognizable around the country and a source of civic pride. It was even the star of 1978’s Superdome, a film so bad it was featured on Mystery Science Theatre 3000. This will be its seventh Super Bowl.

  5. As Nike looks to expand, it already has a 22-building empire – As Nike executives ponder the location of the company’s much-ballyhooed headquarters expansion, the history of the company’s existing campus near Beaverton offers a window into the past and possibly a hint of what’s coming in the future.


I’m Just a Bill

Sack cartoon: Debt ceiling threat | StarTribune.com

Oregonians skeptical of gun control in general, but support some new firearm restrictions

In immigration debate, gay rights come to the fore

Wong: Party welcoming legislators set for Tuesday

An ambitious proposal for the President’s second term: Create a new federal Department of Cities

Editorial: Priorities are clear for 2013 legislative session: budget, jobs, PERS

House Group Works to Present Its Own Immigration Plan

Backstage Glimpses of Clinton as Dogged Diplomat, Win or Lose


The Fiscal Cliff

Sack cartoon: Sen. McCain's hypocrisy | StarTribune.com

Could ending direct farm subsidies save $28.4 billion over 10 years? PolitiFact Oregon

Democrats target income tax breaks to balance budget

Cole: Ventura’s math problems hasn’t changed in years

DOT budget crisis

Are changes coming for property tax limits in Oregon?

Interactive Map: Polk, Marion Counties property gap

In Hard Economy, Older Isn’t Better … It’s Brutal

Nips and Tucks and Big Budget Cuts


Inside Portlandia

Political Cartoons by Robert Ariail

Gresham may ease food cart owners’ fees

Council sees list of possible hopefuls for city manager job

2013 shaping up to be a crucial year for CRC

Advocates push ‘common sense’ CRC alternative


Outside Portlandia

Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

Bonneville Power Administration’s Steve Wright says goodbye after 12 years as administrator

City administrator candidates down to 4

Weary Toronto likely to shrug off latest Rob Ford escapade

Bend FD inspections aim to avoid nightclub tragedies

Gallagher defeats Lee to win state GOP chair

Ferndale may go to every-other-week garbage pickup


The Career Center

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

Why Axes, Ice Cream, and Community Matter in Your Oregon Job Search – What’s the secret to finding meaningful work either in a job or at business that allows us to reach our full potential? This week, thanks to conversations with two Portlanders, I found the answer. It’s community. Let me explain.

The Right Way to Evaluate a Job Offer – Before agreeing to take a new position, analyze these eight crucial considerations

Bulletproofing Your References – Most job hunters grasp that basic maxim, yet many still fail to make the most of their references. As unemployment soars and hiring shrivels, you must carefully cultivate your endorsers. Businesses looking to hire are pickier than ever. As for Mr. Levine, he requires 12 references from every finalist, asking each referral, “What is wrong with this candidate?”

The Top Tools for Productivity – A boom in new productivity apps, software and programs can be a distraction, as I wrote in last week’s Work & Family Column. But it also improves the odds of people finding exactly the right fit for the way they think, work and get motivated.


A Call to Action

Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler

Input on pot regulation sought – A public forum on Initiative 502, which legalized recreational use of marijuana for adults, will be Thursday at Clark College.

Salem sets meetings on proposed cell tower rules – The first open house is 6:30 to 8 p.m. Thursday in the Anderson Room of the Salem Public Library, 585 Liberty St. SE. The second is 6:30 to 8 p.m. Feb. 20 at Center 50+, 2615 Portland Road NE.


The World Wide Web

10 Sassy Twitter Accounts to Follow on Super Bowl Sunday – Being a Twitter sports pundit is a game within the game. Fans of social mediaand sports know that chatter about the game on Twitter is often as entertaining as the game itself.

Applebee’s Overnight Social Media Meltdown: A Photo Essay – Hell hath no fury like a Facebook scorned. In today’s digital age, most of us assume everyone understands this fact. But everyone now and again, people surprise us. An ever-increasing element of this reality is that the hounds of Reddit, the Twitter armies, and Facebook vigilantes are more than willing to remind people that we live in a publicized world. You can’t hide behind privacy statements or legal jargon or appeals to company policy to pacify an Internet mob. Once you cross the line of Internet etiquette, the people of the World Wide Web will hunt you down and do their best to ruin you forever.

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Sack cartoon: Immigration reform | StarTribune.com