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Groundhog Day 2013: No shadow for Punxsutawney Phil, so spring is around the corner


ELGL News and Notes

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The High Five

Former Dallas official keeps PERS benefits – Former Dallas City Manager Jerry Wyatt is facing two years in prison, another year of post-prison supervision and he’s obliged to pay back what he pilfered from the city the past few years.But his Public Employees Retirement System benefits remain intact.

The Power of Groupthink: The New Denial – Denial in all its forms is alive and well in each of us. We use it to justify what we do and do not want to do. We use it to protect ourselves. We even use it to push back the inevitable as long as possible so we can get ready to deal with it. Adults are often in denial, and we can see it at work best in our children who stamp their feet, pout and hide to avoid confronting reality. In its darkest form denial has justified unspeakable cruelty to our fellow human beings. In its best form it allows us to compassionately handle depression, disappointment and loss.

Kathy Gaona, Beaverton’s longest-serving employee, celebrates 40 years with city – During her first six months working for the city, Kathy Gaona declared to her friends every Friday that was going to quit.

Strange Brew – The city is subsidizing a church-affiliated bar that plans to give away all its profits.

Screeching to a Halt – Despite a painful audit, will Hales’ transportation budget be any different?


I’m Just a Bill

Local legislators plan to focus on job creation, economy

Oregon Pension Officials Ask For Legislative Leeway

Supermajority on taxes kept out of House rules

Oregon can help feds allay privacy threats from domestic drone use

Legislature to consider allowing digital billboards along state highways


The Fiscal Cliff

groundhog treat!

U.S. added 157K jobs in January; unemployment rate rose to 7.9%

Federal Workers: Planning for sequestration?

Fairview modestly raises water rates

Gas Tax Loses Favor as Governors Look for New Transportation Money


Inside Portlandia

TriMet unveils new hybrid buses; transit union responds with safety concerns

Clackamas housing official resigns amid scrutiny

Washington County could face new planning opportunity, challenge with possible county-line adjustment

Petitions seek 2 recalls on Clackamas River Water board: Clackamas County Roundup

New commissioners available for informal discussion at first rountable

Name-calling political signs pop up in Damascus

The Portland Index: Going Into Overtime

Portland’s parking fines are comparatively low, but

BREAKING: Police Bureau’s Director of Services—Chief’s Bandmate—Resigns Over “Inappropriate” Texts to Subordinate


Outside Portlandia

Union Gap’s interim city manager no longer seeking full-time post

Walters resigns as Santa Ana city manager

Oregon Association Chiefs of Police speak about guns


The Career Center

Why extroverts fail, introverts flounder and you probably succeed – Spend a day with any leader in any organization, and you’ll quickly discover that the person you’re shadowing, whatever his or her official title or formal position, is actually in sales. These leaders are often pitching customers and clients, of course. But they’re also persuading employees, convincing suppliers, sweet-talking funders or cajoling a board. At the core of their exalted work is a less glamorous truth: Leaders sell.

Is It Time to Quit Your Job? Everyone has bad days at work or even long periods when they feel disheartened about their job. But how do you know the difference between ordinary, occasional dissatisfaction and a genuine mismatch? How do you know when you’re truly ready to move on? And how do you then get out gracefully?


A Call to Action

Get involved with healthcare at the local level: County Health Council in search of patient representation on board – Clackamas County Board of Commissioners (BCC) are seeking five volunteers to serve on the county’s Community Health Council

South End Concept Plan – The Oregon City South End Concept Plan Interactive Forum is now live!

Take the Canby Visioning Survey – The Canby Vision was developed with input from engaged citizens, business and community leaders. We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to weigh in to make sure it accurately reflects the hopes and values of the community. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts. The survey makes it easy for you to quickly let us know your top priorities and concerns.


The World Wide Web

Groundhog Day, Punxsutawney Phil!!

Learning the Social Media Language [Infographic] – Social media is second nature to a large percentage of citizens, so it makes sense for governments to engage with them on their preferred media. Adopting social media can be overwhelming, though, especially when you don’t understand the language.

HMV Employee Live-Tweets Layoffs From Company’s Twitter Account, @HMVTweets – The tweets have since been deleted, but see the screencaps below. The British electronics retailer laid off 190 people on Thursday after dismal holiday sales pushed the chain into bankruptcy.

F.T.C. Suggests Guidelines on Privacy for Mobile Apps – The Federal Trade Commission said the mobile industry should include a do-not-track feature in software and apps and take other steps to safeguard personal information.

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