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Cash-Strapped USPS Raising The Price Of A Stamp By A Penny Starting Sunday

ELGL News and Notes

The ELGL Advisory Board has two openings, email oregonelgl@gmail.com if you are interested in being considered for one of the openings.

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Newest Members:

Jesse Shafer, Program Director, Monmouth/Independence YMCA also a newly elected City Councilor for the City of Monmouth

Rosalynn Greene, Clackamas County’s Office of Sustainability

Upcoming Forums:

The High Five

  1. Bell defense: Rizzo ‘ripped off the city’ and ‘duped’ council – The attorney for onetime Bell Councilman George Cole painted a portrait of his client as a dedicated and generous civil servant who logged long hours attempting to overhaul his city’s educational resources but put his trust in the wrong people.

  2. Cities for All: No Skipping Generations – We’re in a new age of celebrating America’s cities, no longer disparaging and fleeing them as we did through the pre-crash, suburban expansion era.But who are the cities really for?

  3. Google Fiber provides faster Internet and, cities hope, entrepreneurs – Smack in the middle of the nation, this city is about as far as possible from the hubs of high-tech innovation on both coasts. An effort last spring to excite new Web entrepreneurs in a place better known for cattle drives and barbecue sauce turned up just a dozen people.

  4. This Former Felon Started An Organic Bread Business That’s Now Worth $50 Million – Dave’s Killer Bread, about to launch nationally after huge success in the Northwest, was started after its co-founder finished a 15-year prison term. Now he’s sourcing local ingredients and making a killing.

  5. Don’t Make Assumptions About the Next Generation; Invest in It – Depending on where you draw the line, I’m either a very young baby boomer or a very old member of Generation X. These generations hold the majority of executive leadership positions across sectors. In other words, we’re in charge.Enter the millennials. This younger set hasn’t always seen eye-to-eye with their baby boomer or Gen X colleagues and managers in the workplace. Negative chatter often hums around them, mostly centering on the assertion that they are entitled or narcissistic. This has led to a feeling that millennials are not ready to join the real world and work hard.


I’m Just a Bill

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The Fiscal Cliff



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The Career Center

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  • Best Resume Ever Turns Job-Seeker Into Amazon Product – Do yourself a favor and click on through to view Dubost’s masterpiece in its complete glory. And then hire him!

  • What Are Your Plans For Attracting Top Talent This Year? If your organization is like most, your culture likely isn’t top of the list in recruiting efforts. Yet employees cite an unhealthy/undesirable culture as a top reason to leave their current position. You can rest assured that culture is also top of their list for a new company for these employees on the hunt.

  • Why You Should Work From A Coffee Shop, Even When You Have An Office – While team Family Records was in between offices in early 2012, we had 6 weeks to bridge until our new space was ready. During that time we were fortunate enough to be taken in as guests by awesome companies for stretches of time, and for the remainder we took over corners of coffee shops all over Brooklyn and Manhattan.


Do Something

The World Wide Web

  • 12 Ways to Get Banned From Gmail – Just how bad do you have to be to get banned from Gmail? How many policies and terms do you have to violate to warrant suspension, or worse, Google termination?

  • Clean up Your Facebook Profile With FaceWash – We’ve all been there. Your grandmother just joined Facebook, your boss sent you a friend request or you’re applying for that dream job. Suddenly, you’re scrambling to purge your profile of last night’s pictures plus everything else you wouldn’t want Grams to see.

  • Twisted Vine: As Twitter Pursues Amplifiers, It’s Becoming Noisier – Twitter launched the Vine Make-a-Scene app for iOS yesterday. Vine, a three person startup just acquired by Twitter (or acqui-hired, as the case may be) has created an easy way to make and share fun little six-second video loops. These are sort of like the omnipresent animated GIFs that are looping all of the web—but somewhat longer and noisier.

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