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4 Social Media Lessons From a Successful Food Truck


ELGL News and Notes

The ELGL Advisory Board has two openings, email oregonelgl@gmail.com if you are interested in being considered for one of the openings.

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Newest Members:

Jesse Shafer, Program Director, Monmouth/Independence YMCA also a newly elected City Councilor for the City of Monmouth

Rosalynn Greene, Clackamas County’s Office of Sustainability

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The High Five

  1. Blaine city manager will retire after 13 years at the helm – Gary Tomsic will retire as Blaine city manager at the end of June – leaving the post he will have held for 13 years for new adventures that include more visits with his children and grandchildren and a 500-mile walking pilgrimage in Spain.

  2. Confidential document leak draws discussion – The memo, dated Jan. 14, described Mayor Kent Studebaker’s plan to end former interim City Manager David Donaldson’s contract and hire Tom Coffee as the new temporary chief executive. It outlined that the council could only discuss the topic out of the public eye if dealing with Donaldson’s employment; Coffee’s hiring would have to be deliberated in the open.

  3. CURRY COUNTY CONSULTATION RESULTS – This fall we conducted our first county-wide consultation here at Oregon’s Kitchen Table, and now we’re happy to bring you the results!  In November and December, leaders and community members in Curry County invited residents of Curry County to take a seat at Oregon’s Kitchen Table and share their thoughts on county services and funding.  Over 500 folks did!  Take a look at what Curry County residents shared at the Table here.

  4. Tim Geithner’s legacy: an unpopular bailout that helped save the economy – Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner sat around a conference room table with his advisers as they relayed the concerns of banks protesting President Obama’s push for new rules for Wall Street. Geithner, widely thought to be a friend of the financial industry, did not lend a sympathetic ear.“F— the banks,” he said, according to people familiar with the episode.

  5. Localities’ Next Hit From Hurricane Is to Tax Revenue – As a result of property damage, towns across the New York region that are reeling from Hurricane Sandy cannot expect to reap the same property taxes from homeowners.


Legislative Sausage-Making


The Fiscal Cliff


Inside Portlandia


Outside Portlandia

cutie pies


The Career Center

Go Fish! Boston Food Truck

  • Report: Being among first interviewed helps get job – A new report in the journal Psychological Science says interviewers of job candidates often make their decisions based on ratings they’ve given candidates in earlier interviews, rather than on someone’s true merits, reports Today.com.

  • Why I Cheer When My Employees Leave – Some companies are at their most vindictive when their employees are at their most ambitious. And when I say ambitious I mean the worker is considering leaving for a job at another company.

  • The Best Kind of Leaders Handle Their Emotions in This Way – In the first post I urged that emotional bonding is important for leaders. I can see eyebrows being raised in a lot of places over this. When asked what has made Warren Buffett such a successful investor, his biographer said that Buffett makes totally rational decisions based on extensive research, while other investors, even at the top level, act emotionally. This one remark tells us a great deal about the upside and the downside of our attitude toward emotions. There’s a bias that says that decisions should be totally rational, yet such a goal is all but unachievable.


Do Something

  • Planning commission vacancies need filled – The city of Lebanon is recruiting people to fill two regular positions on the planning commission starting April 1. The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. on Feb. 20.

  • The Lake Oswego City Council wants to listen to residents and gather input on service priorities, appropriate levels of services and on the preliminary City Council 2013 Action Plan. The City Council is hosting a Town Hall. Here are the details: February 12 at 7 p.m. at City Hall Council Chambers, 380 A Avenue. The Town Hall Meeting will follow a more informal format than a typical Council Meeting. Please join your community and discuss ideas with the new City Council.


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