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  1. The Difficulties of Measuring Government Success – Take weatherization. It’s harder than advertised to come up with an easy way to assess the program’s success.

  2. Football’s Most Fanatical Cities – But which teams and cities have the most fanatical fans? And how do pro fans stack up against those who favor the college game on a city by city basis?

  3. Western State Recessions – The following employment graphs show the depth of job losses in each state and how long it took for each state to regain those losses.

  4. Officials looking into expanded rail service between Eugene and Portland – Commuters trying to use the train between Eugene and Portland better have flexible work schedules and understanding bosses.

  5. New councilor channels civic engagement into action – As a longtime civic-minded volunteer and advocate for Beaverton, Mark Fagin recognizes the fluid nature behind informed decision making.

The Fiscal Cliff

Inside Portlandia

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Outside Portlandia

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The Career Center

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It’s the problem, not the person – Think back to a difficult situation you had to navigate at work. Were you able to distinguish the problem from the person? If not, you’re not alone. It’s a common confusion that can lead to dicey office politics, tense, counterproductive meetings, and so on. I spoke with negotiation expert and IMD professor George Kohlrieser for my Leadership: A Master Class series about ways to differentiate the person from the problem. Here’s what he had to say.

How a Male CEO’s Kids Affect His Workers’ Pay – Let’s say you work for a company run by a male chief executive whose wife is about to give birth to a child. You might want to cross your fingers they have a daughter.

Do Something

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A Public Service Gift That Keeps Giving: Mentoring the Next Generation – I am writing to ask for your support in providing a public service gift that is better than money! I urge each of you to consider providing an internship placement opportunity sometime in the new year for our pre-service MPA students who are at the front-end of their public service careers.  These students need 180 hours of required Organizational Experience to meet their degree requirements. Most of these opportunities are unpaid.  If you or your agency can provide an Organizational Experience placement for any of our pre-service MPA students, please contact Linda Golaszewski (lagola@pdx.edu).

Volunteer to make Salem a better city – My passion is connecting citizens to their community through volunteerism.

City seeks donations for military service banner program – The city of Beaverton is collecting donations and seeking sponsorships from local businesses to help purchase and place banners honoring active duty military personnel along a key city thoroughfare.

North Clackamas School Board seeks applicants for open seat – Applicants must be qualified Oregon voters age 18 or older who have lived in the North Clackamas School District for at least a year. Employees of district schools and charter schools are not eligible to apply.

The World Wide Web

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Library of Congress has archive of tweets, but no plan for its public display – In the few minutes it will take you to read this story, some 3 million new tweets will have flitted across the publishing platform Twitter and ricocheted across the Internet. The Library of Congress is busy archiving the sprawling and frenetic Twitter canon — with some key exceptions — dating back to the site’s 2006 launch. That means saving for posterity more than 170 billion tweets and counting, with an average of more than 400 million new tweets sent each day, according to Twitter.

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