Survey Says… Host a Conference!

survey-saysThank you to the 146 ELGL members who completed our recent survey on whether or not ELGL should host an annual conference.  Here are the survey results.


  • 89% of respondents are interested in attending a one-day ELGL conference in the Portland Metro area.
  • ELGL members regularly attend the LOC, ICMA, 3CMA, AOC, and other regional and national conferences.
  • City/county management (71%); economic development (52%); and elected officials (32%) are the topic areas of greatest interest.
  • Governor Kitzhaber; Oregon COO Michael Jordan; and regional political leaders were most frequently mentioned on the keynote speaker “wish list.”
  • Some other creative “wish list” speakers suggested:  “Freakanomics” authors; NJ mayor Cory Booker; “Go-Giver” author
  • 36% of respondents are willing to pay $51 or more for the one-day conference; 28% prefer a conference price of $41-$50.
  • There is overwhelming support for an after-hours social event (e.g. happy hour) after the conference conclusion (84%).


ELGL has tentatively reserved October 4, 2013 for our conference to ensure it does not conflict with other conferences, and will confirm this date and the advisory board’s willingness to proceed at our January board meeting.  Your feedback has validated that a well-organized, one-day conference would be a meaningful experience that would allow for all of us to further the mission of ELGL.  Please stay tuned for a confirmation of the 10-4 date, and for more information about conference registration.


Are you interested in being on a conference planning committee?  Please reply to this email and let me know if you’d like to participate.  We will work with the ELGL advisory board to put together an exemplary conference program.

Again, thank you for your participation with this survey.  We greatly value your willingness to share your opinion and shape the future of ELGL.

Here’s a link to the complete survey results: SurveySummary_01032013