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Bend wants faster fire response – Fire Department looking at changes and combining with rural district.

The Secret to Buffalo’s Farm-to-Table Culture – An interview with Christa Glennie Seychew, who’s helped reinvigorate the city’s local food movement. 

City terminates Upper Crust’s lease – Even before the library measure failed, it was unclear when the North Anchor project would proceed, Seeger said.

Public Employee in Need of a Loan? Ask Virginia. Virginia is likely the only state to offer its employees short-term, low-interest loans for noneducation-related reasons — and at virtually no cost to the state.

Meet Lake Oswego’s new mayor: Kent Studebaker (Q&A) – Kent Studebaker beat former state Rep. Greg Macpherson 50.4 to 49.6 percent in a race that was only separated by 50 ballots at one point. Now, he is getting ready to lead a Lake Oswego City Council that hopes to change the direction of the city from the previous council.

The Fiscal Cliff

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Ex-state economist describes Oregon digging out of ‘the pit’

Both sides appear upbeat on opening round of ‘fiscal cliff’ talks

States Brace for Possibility That ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Isn’t Averted

Opinion: Pension reform inches along in Long Beach

“Fiscal cliff” budget cuts could devastate states, cities

Inside Portlandia


Mayor Sam Adams will get a new chief of staff for last month

Steve Greagor accepts Hillsboro assistant city manager position

Banks Mayor John Kinsky says city paid $10,000 for Kyle Awesome’s moving expenses

Clackamas County Chairwoman Charlotte Lehan rules out legal challenge to election loss amid ballot tampering investigation

Critics question whether Clackamas County clerk should be elected or appointed

Outside Portlandia

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It’s time to make PERS sustainable

Cathedral City city manager to retire

Oregon has nation’s 1st lesbian legislative leader

Norton-Perry votes against Chino Hills city manager contract renewal

TEMECULA: City confirms finance director’s suspension

Burlingame names new city manager

Grow Oregon’s Impact Limited in General Election

Longview council allows 2.5 percent utility tax to expire Jan. 1

Handy lawsuit dismissed

Do Something

80s Toys

RSVP: CFM Presents the Local Impact of the Fiscal Cliff – The Fiscal Cliff, Sequestration, PERS reform, CRC – What is the local impact?Join us to hear about the high profile issues that are likely to dominate the 113th Session of Congress and the 2013 Oregon State Legislative Session and the potential impact to local government.Thursday, November 29 from 11:30 a.m to 12:30 p.m. Madison Room at the Oregon Historical Society.

Play Shape Southwest, the interactive game that lets you build an investment plan for the Southwest corridor. Shape Southwest will let you balance benefits and tradeoffs – and a limited budget – and make improvements in your community. Shape Southwest and questionnaire are available Nov. 14 through Dec. 31. Play the game and then tell us about the decisions you made.

 Corporate Ladder

Toys from the 80s

Lazy and Pregnant? New Study Profiles People Who Work From Home With Surprising Results – Visions of your work commute becoming just a short stroll to your home office may seem like a dream, but it’s a reality for a growing number of people who have jobs that encourage telecommuting.

Doing Double Duty – For senior leaders, holding two high-level jobs at once offers an opportunity to audition for a bigger role, but it can also cut short a promising career.

The Magic Weeks That Can Make You a Star at Work – But before packing your bags for a long-awaited beach vacation, consider this: the period between accepting a new post and the day you report to work can offer an invaluable opportunity to prepare for your new responsibilities.

The Social Network

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Battles over social-media ownership rights hit the courts – Employees with large followings on social media sites are in many cases giving their employers positive exposure, while raising their own personal profiles.

The 10 Worst Memes of 2012 – All types of content goes viral on the Internet — some because it’s awesomely adorable, funny or catchy.

Social Media Is Making You a Smarter Leader – It’s easy to point to the problems with social media: lost productivity from employees checking Facebook at work, new “personal branding” responsibilities to tend online, and a general deluge of information that’s impossible to keep up with.

Facebook Clears The Air On News Feed, Promoted Posts – Who sees what on Facebook‘s News Feed and why? There has been recent controversy over Facebook’s News Feed and Promoted Posts, with some such as Mark Cuban and George Takei complaining about having to pay (or pay too much) to reach their fans of their Facebook Pages.

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