11.04.12 Your Sunday Post

Daylight Saving Time: Time to Set Clocks Back



Salesforce picked Portland — but how well did Oregon play the incentives game? Oregon, like Utah and most other states, relies on tax incentives and subsidies to help attract big employers. Companies play states against one another, knowing that suitors are dealing with imperfect information.

Tax and revenue measures on 12 state ballots – Voters in a dozen states will weigh in on ballot measures that could bring significant changes to tax and revenue policy in those states.

Election has big implications for Oregon – It all comes to an abrupt end this week: The attack ads will come down, the mail will stop piling up and the telephone will get a rest. The ballots will be cast and counted. And then the real work begins.

CIOs Can Help Cities and Companies Find Their Ideal Scale – Let’s take a closer look at two such human organizations, cities in the public sphere and large firms in the private sector, to better understand some of the key factors, positive as well as negative, that impact their effectiveness.

Running for the right to serve – Former Oregon Gov. Barbara Roberts speaks with event organizer Marisa Chappell, and Corvallis Mayor Julie Manning before taking part in ‘Women in Government: A Roundtable’ on Friday morning at LaSells Stewart Center. 

Rejecting the Narrow Framework of “Urban” Planning – When we call ourselves “urban” and “city” planners, we exclude the rural. Some do this intentionally, believing that there’s nothing there, so there’s nothing for a planner to do. Most do this without malice. But how can we rightfully exclude something we do not fully understand?


The Fiscal Cliff

U.S. approaches ‘fiscal cliff,’ and world watches from the sidelines

Workers to be asked to pay more for benefits

Corvallis city committee to discuss water rate increases

Ferndale considers property, gas tax hikes in 2013 budget

Inside Portlandia

Portland mayor’s race: What would Charlie Hales or Jefferson Smith face if elected?

Paid sick days: Portland shouldn’t rush to approve a new mandate

Bogus billboard implies we endorsed Ludlow, Smith

Investigations continue in Clackamas Co. ballot tampering


Outside Portlandia

New Hermiston police chief gets good marks for shaking up department

Sandy’s Economic Effects Hit Some In Oregon


Oregon’s county assessors challenge hospital acquisitions’ new tax breaks, murky law

PolitiFact Oregon: Our general election rulings, from ‘True’ to ‘Pants on Fire’ 

Benton board poised to OK $9K for Palestine Church

Charges fly in Oregon secretary of state race over rules for ballots lacking postage

Should the Government Ration Gasoline?

Central Oregon campaigns hit the stretch run

County considers collective marijuana garden rules


Get Involved

ELGL Forum with Ken Allen, Oregon AFSCME Exec. Dir. – Please join us on November 14, 2012 for an ELGL brown bag lunch with Ken Allen, Executive Director of Oregon AFSCME Council 75. Mr. Allen will discuss the challenges facing local governments and their employees from the union perspective. Oregon AFSCME Council 75, represents 140 local unions throughout Oregon.

Leadership Boot Camp for Newly Elected Officials – Saturday, December 8, 2012 – 9:00 am to Saturday, December 8, 2012 – 3:00 pm.


The Workplace

Iowa company offers unlimited time off – CEO: Rigid vacation policy doesn’t make sense in 24/7 work world

Will law school students have jobs after they graduate? In 2011, more than 44,000 students graduated from the 200-odd U.S. law schools accredited by the American Bar Association. Nine months after graduation, only a bit more than half had found full-time jobs as lawyers.

The 5 R’s For Building Lifelong Relationships With Employees – How can employers resolve these concerns?

The Cost of Haphazard Hiring – As any hiring manager will tell you, filling an executive position can be very difficult. Time crunches, small pool of applicants, budget constraints. I could go on. However even in the best conditions, some companies continue to make haphazard hiring decisions, which can be extremely costly mistakes.


The Social Network

How is Facebook Addiction Affecting Our Minds? [INFOGRAPHIC] – Internet addictions — especially to social media — have been well documented. And the truth is, we’re feeling like we might have a touch of Facebook addiction.

Twitter to Add Photo Filters to Compete With Instagram – Twitter is finally learning a lesson from Facebook: If you can’t buy it, build it.

Facebook tests ‘Pages Feed’ so fans can see all updates in separate stream – Some Facebook users are seeing a separate “Pages Feed” where they can view all the updates from pages they Like in a single stream.

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