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WATCH: Stunning Time-Lapse Video Shows Sandy Slamming into New York City



Why isn’t Oregon a slam dunk for President Obama? In typical discussions about the most competitive swing states in the presidential election, Oregon and its seven electoral votes are almost never part of the conversation. While President Obama is likely to carry the Oregon next week, the state is more competitive than most people probably think. But, why?

Breaking: Portland sustainability chief admits ‘Portlandia’ isn’t really a parody – Being the sustainability director of Portland is a bit like being the oil minister of Saudi Arabia. You don’t exactly run the place, but you do have the region’s chief export on tap. Portland’s public transit system is held up as a model for the country.

West Linn Planning Commission denies applications for Lake Oswego water treatment plant expansion, pipeline – The West Linn Planning Commission Thursday night unanimously voted to deny the controversial conditional use applications from the Lake Oswego-Tigard Water Partnership to expand the water treatment plant in a West Linn neighborhood and install a pipeline.

Taxes that Keep Businesses in Town – These days, almost every city leader is searching for revenue to help confront important needs while balancing these needs against the effects of taxes on job creation. Urban areas in particular confront sharp trade-offs, as so many of them include areas of concentrated poverty that needs to be addressed. At the same time, the wealth and jobs that remain must be retained.

Oswego Lake Lawsuit Now in State Court – The state of Oregon is now being sued along with the City of Lake Oswego

Why 3% Makes a Difference – Native Oregonians and newbies alike share many of the same affinities for the greater Portland region.  Incredible natural beauty, clean air and water, vibrant city life, and the opportunity to be a part of an emerging next century economy.

Can a Parking Garage Spark Detroit’s Retail Comeback? John Gallagher writes about the optimism surrounding a project proposed by Quicken Loans founder and developer Dan Gilbert, which could bring 33,000-square feet of retail space, and 1,300 parking spaces, to downtown Detroit.


The Fiscal Cliff

Stop obsessing over the fiscal cliff

Washington is a city on edge as election, ‘fiscal cliff’ approach

Mayor proposes big pay raises for several city employees

Escondido posts $4.1M surplus after years of deficits

Rate increase recommended for City of Vancouver’s Utility in 2013-14

Two new jobs added under proposed Lynden budget

Inside Portlandia

Should Portland Make Paid Sick Leave a Right?

Critics Tell Portland Council DOJ Agreement ‘Does Go Far Enough’

Public safety and criminal justice: How we can improve an already successful system

Oregon Department of Justice investigates alleged ballot tampering in Clackamas County as candidates consider legal action

Ratepayer mounts campaign to recall remaining two Clackamas River Water board members

West Linn Police Stop Democratic Canvassers from Collecting Ballots Door-to-Door

Portland to repay Water Bureau $1.6 million for Rose Festival headquarters

U.S. Rep. Kurt Schrader calls alleged ballot tampering in Clackamas County ‘sneaky, underhanded’


Outside Portlandia

Yamhill County strategizing economic development plan

Oregon Republican Party’s Greg Leo talks election 2012

Employees’ lawsuit targets PERS investments

Clark Public Utilities aids Sandy recovery

Linn County staff react to report of Clackamas voter fraud

PERS by the numbers: Replacement Ratios

Donations exceed expectations in mayoral race


Get Involved

ELGL Forum with Ken Allen, Oregon AFSCME Exec. Dir. – Please join us on November 14, 2012 for an ELGL brown bag lunch with Ken Allen, Executive Director of Oregon AFSCME Council 75. Mr. Allen will discuss the challenges facing local governments and their employees from the union perspective. Oregon AFSCME Council 75, represents 140 local unions throughout Oregon.


The Workplace

7 Key Habits of Super Networkers – The ability to network successfully can be one of the greatest assets in business. It allows some people to find incredible opportunities, while others just watch from the sidelines.

Why Time Magazine Used Instagram To Cover Hurricane Sandy – If there was still any debate about whether serious photojournalism can take place in the context of camera phones and cutesy retro filters, it’s over now.

12 (Almost Fool-Proof) Election Transition Tips for the Savvy Government Employee – Major change is coming to capitol offices and agency corridors on November 6 – and that will be true regardless of the political candidates who turn out to be the election night winners.

Why Aren’t More People Looking for Work? The October unemployment report was a strong one, but one number is still unsettling: The labor participation rate isn’t budging, despite signs the economy is improving.


The Social Network

Pew: Social media as a political tool on the rise – If your Facebook or Twitter accounts are full of opinion over the presidential campaign, you’re not the only one.

Five Emerging Innovation and Social Media Trends and Why They Matter Now – Social media and a renewed emphasis on innovation and DIY—exemplified by the Maker Movement and the rise of intrapreneurs—is transforming how government agencies operate and how they interact with citizens.

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