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Teen Bullied During Anti-Bullying Interview




Stress and the city: Urban decay – Scientists are testing the idea that the stress of modern city life is a breeding ground for psychosis.

The Generation War – So it was “The Honeymooners” versus “Family Ties”; Ed Norton versus Alex Keaton. What we saw Thursday night in the vice-presidential debate wasn’t only an argument about policy, it was a look at two different eras in American family life.

Tribes Add Potent Voice Against Plan for Northwest Coal Terminals – American Indians, citing possible injury to fishing rights and religious and sacred sites, have joined environmental groups and politicians in opposing a plan for six export terminals.

For county seat, it’s legislator vs. mediator – Differences in perception between one-year incumbent, challenger.

Judge dismisses lake access lawsuit – On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Ancer L. Haggerty dismissed a lawsuit that could have opened up access to the lake, long maintained as a private water body by a nonprofit corporation of homeowners.

Cities Clash in Battle to Land Conventions – Across the country, cities are duking it out like never before over conventions, vying to host everyone from the Barbershop Harmony Society to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.


The Fiscal Cliff


Outside Portlandia




Get Involved

When you have to Google something because you don't know it.

ELGL Central Oregon Presents Brenda Bartlett, CPA – Thursday, October 25th, Redmond City Hall, Address:  716 SW Evergreen Ave, Time: Noon-1pm (bring lunch with you), Occupational Fraud – Is Your Government at Risk?

City seeking volunteers for centennial and Redmond Lights celebrations – The City of Redmond is currently recruiting for the centennial celebration and Redmond Lights, both to be held Dec. 1.

County seeks solid-waste board member – Clark County commissioners are seeking a volunteer to fill a position on the Solid Waste Advisory Commission.


The Workplace

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Job Security No Longer Top Driver of Employee Satisfaction – In a sign that concerns about the economy may be receding, a survey recently found that job security was not the top driver of employee satisfaction for the first time since 2007. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), employees ranked a desire to use skills and abilities (63 percent) higher than job security (61 percent) as being important to job satisfaction.

Career Journal: Do Fancy Job Titles Matter? While these particular job titles are rare, human resources experts say that, over the years, titles in general have become increasingly elaborate and fancy. They are no longer simply a way to indicate the role and position of a person within a company.

Men at Work—As Caregivers – Agencies and private firms are rolling out new tools and services to help men taking on the role of family caregiver. We survey some of the best.

Craziest excuses for calling in sick – An employee who forgot he was hired, and other colorful excuses employers reported hearing to explain absences from work.

Measure career success by your relationships, not paycheck – He’s most famous for developing the concept of “disruptive innovation” — the idea that established industries are vulnerable to being upended by fresh competitors with low-priced, apparently inferior products.


The Social Network


10 unhealthy social media habits – It’s 3 p.m. You’re sitting through another meeting that’s so dreary and dull it’s got you doubting your chosen professional when suddenly—BING!—an alert sounds on your phone: Someone mentioned you in a tweet.

3.5 Million Tweets Sent During Vice Presidential Debate – A total of 3.5 million tweets were sent during Thursday night’s vice presidential debate, according to Twitter. That’s about a third of the 10.3-million mark the first presidential debate of the 2012 election hit last week.

Reddit, freedom of speech and the dark side of community – In addition to occasional acts of journalism, Reddit is also known for its less savory content, including a page featuring creepy photos of women taken without their permission — and the controversy over that kind of content says a lot about the nature of the community.

Talent Brand Index Makes the LinkedIn Recruiting Platform Indispensable – Today LinkedIn announced a series of products which will further accelerate growth. In fact, I would venture to say that today’s announcements make LinkedIn an indispensable platform for corporate recruiting.

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