10.11.12 Your Morning Buzz

Rob McKenna, Washington Governor Candidate, Dances Gangnam Style 



Open Letter to JPACT – JPACT is currently deciding how to allocate $98.56 million in Regional Flexible Fund (RFF) transportation funds. We the undersigned group of cultural, environmental, economic development, business, consumer, public health, bicycling, land use, and walking organizations ask you to select Option 1. Through a robust public process in 2010, JPACT established that the best use of these funds was to allocate 75% to Active Transportation and Complete Streets and 25% to Green Economy and Freight. You also set in place valuable criteria regarding environmental justice. Both policy directions need to remain in place to be effective.

So Many Apples, So Few Pickers – Washington state is enjoying the second-biggest apple crop in its history, but farmers say they will have to leave up to one-quarter of their bounty to rot, because there aren’t enough pickers.

Knocking Himself Out – Despite his background in politics, Jefferson Smith has ignored a basic rule.

Fels Report Highlights Strategies for Productive Public Engagement – Fels Research & Consulting released Building Common Ground, a report which focuses on proven strategies that produce effective results and positive public engagement.  This report is part of the Promising Practices series, a compilation of briefs that provide public sector leaders and managers with effective, practical, and innovative information on a broad range of public management topics.

Cities Impose New Regulations On Homeless Amid Tightening Budgets – Army veteran Don Matyja was getting by alright on the streets of this city tucked in Southern California suburbia until he got ticketed for smoking in the park. Matyja, who has been homeless since he was evicted nearly two years ago, had trouble paying the fine and getting to court – and now a $25 penalty has ballooned to $600.

Rogue Valley residents discuss White City incorporation – White City could have its own city departments to oversee everything from land-use planning to park development to filling potholes if voters approve a ballot measure to incorporate.

The Fiscal Cliff


Inside Portlandia


Outside Portlandia


Get Involved

RSVP: ELGL Forum with Amanda Marshall, US Attorney for Oregon – Please join us on Thursday, October 11 at noon for an ELGL forum with U.S Attorney for Oregon, Amanda Marshall. The forum will be held at Cafe Allegro in Tigard. RSVP to ELGL Project Coordinator, Megan Messmer, oregonelgl@gmail.com.

The Portland Development Commission Presents: East Portland Neighborhood Economic Development Summit 2012 – Don’t miss this great opportunity to share your story: How is your community or business doing? What resource gaps do we need to fill? How do we instill equity throughout our neighborhood economic development?

ELGL Central Oregon Presents Brenda Bartlett, CPA – Thursday, October 25th, Redmond City Hall, Address:  716 SW Evergreen Ave, Time: Noon-1pm (bring lunch with you), Occupational Fraud – Is Your Government at Risk?

Request for Letters of Interest – Public Service Innovation Lab – The Center for Public Service at Portland State University is pleased to distribute a Request for Letters of Interest regarding an exciting new initiative at the Center, tentatively dubbed a “Public Service Innovation Lab.”


The Workplace

A Leader’s Job? Keep Your Employees Young & Dreaming – You have more to do than chart a strategic path. Keep your team adventurous and youthful.

More Executive Recruiting Shifts In-House – Time Warner is one of many U.S. companies that have slashed spending on outside recruiters and appointed a head of executive recruitment instead. The approach improves retention and saves time, companies say.

Ask At Work: Is it Better to Send Thank-You Notes by Mail or E-mail? You are smart to ask this question. A lot of  job-seekers think that thank-you notes are passé, and neglect to even send one. But they could be knocking themselves out of the running for a job.

What Employers Are Looking For When They Hire – In a tight job market, with employers able to be pickier and pickier about who they hire, it’s easy for job seekers to start wondering what it takes to get a job. In a sea of qualified candidates,what are employers looking for in the people they choose to interview?


The Social Network

Optimum Facebook Posting Times – Timing is everything, they say, and that premise may apply to social media platforms like Facebook as well. Can timing your posts help increase your return on investment?

Twitter Gives TweetDeck a Makeover – Twitter today rolled out changes to its Web- and PC-based TweetDeck application, bringing design enhancements, personalization options, and other features.

New study reveals why Instagram is the next big thing – Of the Americans surveyed who currently use a social media platform, only 18 percent currently have a profile on Instagram. That’s paltry compared to Facebook (94 percent) or Twitter (47 percent). But here are four reasons why Instagram could explode in 2013.

10 things to stop sharing on Facebook – There’s no denying Facebook can be a great tool. It helps us connect with friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances in real time (or close to it). We can create profiles and let people know what’s going on in our lives. However, some people tend to reveal a little too much about their lives.

How to stay current on social media (in 30 minutes) – Does this scenario sound familiar? You have no time—you’re stuck in meetings all day—yet your boss is asking you to stay on top of all things social media-related.

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