Acuity Group Questions Early Stages of CRC

The Acuity Group has released a report on their findings regarding the early planning stages of the Columbia River Crossing project. Tiffany Couch, an Acuity forensic auditor, will be the featured speaker at an ELGL forum on March 7.


Columbia River Crossing – Project Sponsors Council and Open Public Meetings Act

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The Columbian: Report questions early CRC group’s actions

A critical report on Monday questioned whether a key group that helped shape the Columbia River Crossing in its early stages violated public meeting laws and deliberately discouraged public involvement.

Vancouver forensic accountant Tiffany Couch released her findings in a white paper addressed to Washington’s legislative oversight committee on the CRC.

The report specifically takes aim at the CRC’s Project Sponsors Council that met between 2005 and 2007. The group appeared to have made “potentially critical” decisions during that time, the report said. But some CRC documents and timelines only acknowledge the current Project Sponsors Council starting in 2008.

Among the documents Couch cited were a 2005 memo describing the original group as a “decision-making body” that would tackle major aspects of the CRC with only minimal, if any, public involvement.

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