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Goshen Deemed Significant? Transforming Goshen, a small, unincorporated town south of Eugene off I-5 and Hwy 58, was designated as a specific goal for 2012 by the Lane County Board of Commissioners in this year’s State of the County Address, and now Goshen has been declared a “Regionally Significant Industrial Area” (RSI) by the Oregon Economic Revitalization and Review Council.

10 great public spaces that set a city apart – Great public spaces do not just happen, says Jeff Soule of the American Planning Association. They’re developed by civic leaders, architects and the public. Each year, the educational organization highlights several dozen great U.S. places.

The Future of Vancouver’s Farmland – We love to chat every weekend with our favourite small-scale farmers, but can we afford to encourage the artisanal approach—and should we?

Farm to Fork Across America: Food You Can Trust From Luscher Farm in Lake Oswego – Our six week, western states, Farm To Fork Across America tour continues to lead us to remarkable places. Deep in Oregon’s formidable countryside, we travel from forest tunnel to forest tunnel, weaving our way on narrow highways. The light sneaks in where it can, highlighting the textured air… dense, rich, smelling of the ancient. We become part of this, inhaling the forest breath, bonding with an inherent trust in the natural world.

Hey, @SeattlePD: What’s the Latest? The business of policing, as cops have known since at least the first bobbies on the beat, is partly about being seen on the job, having a local presence, even if it is just twirling a baton down the avenue.

Governments Expand Mobile Payments to Everything from Parking to Property Taxes – According to a study released in April by the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project and Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center, swiping mobile phones could replace cash and credit cards both online and in stores within the next decade. The study reports that more than one-third of smartphone owners have already used their devices for online banking services like paying bills, checking a balance or making a payment.

Politics of Place: Clackamas voters get rebellious, shift to the right – Count all three among the growing ranks of “Clackastanis,” the label given a rebellious wave of voters who are helping change the political complexion of one of Oregon’s most influential counties. Once considered alongside Washington County as a place where close statewide races were decided by moderates and independents, Clackamas County now is getting a reputation as a restless outpost of government mistrust.

Steve Duin: Six stitches and Jefferson Smith’s closed fist – The infamous Eugene police report on Jefferson Smith’s 1993 assault of a female University of Oregon student finally emerged from hiding Monday. Whether or not the report reshapes your view of the 2012 Portland mayor’s race, it should — at long last — refresh Smith’s memory on the closed-fist punch that sent a 5-foot-3 student to Eugene’s Sacred Heart Hospital to receive “5-6” stitches for a one-inch cut over her left eye.


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Get Involved

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RSVP: ELGL Forum with Amanda Marshall, US Attorney for Oregon – Please join us on Thursday, October 11 at noon for an ELGL forum with U.S Attorney for Oregon, Amanda Marshall. The forum will be held at Cafe Allegro in Tigard. RSVP to ELGL Project Coordinator, Megan Messmer, oregonelgl@gmail.com.

City seeks committee applicants  – The City of Bend is seeking applicants for positions on the following volunteer commissions and committees.

Portland seeks ‘cultural ambassador’ – The city of Portland is looking for a cultural ambassador. Mayor Sam Adams and the Regional Arts & Culture Council announced a new position of creative laureate.

The City of Forest Grove welcomes all those who are willing to give their time and talents. If you would like to volunteer for a Board or Commission, please click here for a listing of volunteer opportunities. Openings on boards and commissions occur at various times of the year.


The Workplace


Are Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Good Leaders? Why Obama could pass healthcare when Clinton couldn’t and how Romney’s business leadership would translate in the White House.

How to Build Trust in a Virtual Workplace – Teams can’t function well when co-workers don’t trust one another. Building and maintaining trust in the traditional, physical workplace is difficult enough, but the process is even tougher in a virtual environment, where people often have to work with people they haven’t met in person.

5 Things That Belong on the Front Page of Your Website – In business, you only get one chance to make a good first impression, and your company’s website is no different. When customersarrive at your site they should instantly have a clear understanding of who you are and what you do. But statistics show that many small-business websites lack the basics, which puts them at risk of losing a customer with just one click.

8 Ways Your Hiring Process May Be Deterring Candidates – Yes, the hiring process of many companies unknowingly includes features and elements that are deterring applicants from: applying for the role, recommending their business to others, completing the application form and/or following through with the recruitment process.

Lou Adler: The Most Important Question to Ask at the Beginning of an Interview – If you’re a candidate make sure you ask the hiring manager the following question at the beginning of the interview. If you’re a recruiter, ask the same question before you start looking for someone to fill the role. And if you’re the hiring manager, ask this question to yourself before you prepare the job description and open the requisition.


The Social Network

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Social Media Users Say ‘No Politics Please‘ – As Election Day approaches, fervent political Facebook discussions become more common, but some people just aren’t interested. A new Internet browser extension, called No Politics Please, was created for people who would rather not be exposed to heated political debates while catching up with family and friends online, Phys.org reported.

Avoid These 4 Common Social Marketing Mistakes – It’s one thing when you’re reading about someone else’s filibuster, but entirely another when the error occurs in your domain. We’d all rather sweep our mishaps under the rug. But as painful as the process may be, it’s important to learn from our mistakes, and the mistakes of others.

Election 2040: The First President for Digital Natives – If you thought this election was fought on a digital and social media battleground — relying on YouTube videos and tweets as much as TV debates — just wait until you see the one seven cycles down the road.

Social Is the Secret Weapon in Local Politics – Social media first took the national spotlight in the 2008 elections, and it continues to expand its influence at every level of American politics. And just as a youthful John F. Kennedy benefited from his grasp of television in the 1960 elections, a new generation of local politicians is using its tactical advantage as digital natives to woo the electorate and launch open government initiatives.

3 ways to make your PR plans more social – Twenty years ago, businesses shard their news or messages with the media through a press release or media kit that was faxed or mailed to reporters, and followed up with a phone call. phone calls.

IT’S FACEBOOK OFFICIAL: There’s Going To Be A ‘Want’ Button – After months of talk, it’s finally official: Facebook is testing a “Want” button.

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