10.04.12 Your Morning Buzz

Social media winners and losers from Wednesday’s debate



Puyallup Council to Review 2013 City Budget – The Puyallup City Council will review considerations to increase the utility rate and recreation fees in town, among others, to maintain a balanced budget into 2013.

Are Cell Phones to Blame for Boring Public Spaces? – Maybe. Or perhaps it’s the other way around.

Portland’s Waterfront Park Designated A ‘Great Public Space’ – The American Planning Association has designated Portland’s Waterfront Park as one of America’s 10 Great Public Spaces for 2012.

Muni Bonds Need State, Local Governments to Fight for Them – As lawmakers move to trim the national deficit, tax experts say that state and local government officials that leave themselves out of the debate about municipal bonds could suffer a major blow.

Compelling Evidence That Red-Light Cameras Do Make Roads Safer – In this ongoing debate, a new study finds that as red-light cameras go dark, red light running goes up — immediately.

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Get Involved

RSVP: ELGL Forum with Amanda Marshall, US Attorney for Oregon – Please join us on Thursday, October 11 at noon for an ELGL forum with U.S Attorney for Oregon, Amanda Marshall. The forum will be held at Cafe Allegro in Tigard. RSVP to ELGL Project Coordinator, Megan Messmer, oregonelgl@gmail.com.

Clackamas Regional Center Working Group – Community and business leaders coming together to review and advise on future projects for the Clackamas Regional Center area.

New International Exchange Opportunities – ICMA members and their local governments will have opportunities to participate in a Legislative Process and Governance Fellows Program that will arrange exchanges for professionals from China, New Zealand, Thailand, and the United States, thanks to new funding by the U.S. Department of State.


The Workplace

Leaders are made, not born – I know someone who has terrific ideas, a natural innovator and smart strategic thinker. But she never speaks up in meetings. She’s too shy, she tells me. And, she adds, she’s been like that all her life: “That’s just who I am.”

The Truth Behind the 4-Hour Workweek Fantasy – Unfortunately, as with many American cultural obsessions, we look too quickly for the easy answer. Stymied at work? Not as engaged or productive as you’d like to be? It’s a lot simpler to blame burnout, stingy HR policies, and a lack of beach time than it is to honestly evaluate ourselves and our performance.

How To Manage When You Hate Being A Manager – Are there parts of managing that you–gasp–don’t enjoy (or even loathe)? You’re not alone. But believe it or not, you have all the raw materials needed to be a managerial superstar.


The Social Network

Time for a Midyear Checkup of Your Social Media Presence – You may not just be missing out if you’re not using social media — you could be damaging your career.

Facebook Gets a Little Less “Free” for Members – Why would you do that? Because as Facebook has grown, the homepage News Feed of users has become increasingly cluttered with status updates from friends and paid ads from marketers. Posts from some of friends can get lost in the weeds, or never even show up. So if you’ve got a big announcement – say, you’ve lost your cat – you can pay to make sure more friends see it.

A Social Media Evangelist’s Survival Guide – William was a contractor with Canada’s largest credit union, Vancity, when he stuck his neck out — way out — to drive the creation of ChangeEverything, the first online community in the financial services industry. This was before the term social media had even been coined, let alone budgeted, and companies like Vancity had only a tiny budget for online marketing.

Report: 88 percent of Twitter users follow one brand – Good news for social media managers who can function in 140 characters or fewer. Most Twitter followers follow brands—that is, according to Twitter.

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