Important: Renew Your ELGL Membership Now

Friends –

Thank you for your continued involvement with the Oregon Emerging Local Government Leaders Network!

Over the past two years, ELGL has grown from a lunchtime networking event for a handful of people, to a statewide organization with 350 members. In that time, our membership has lunched with governors and city managers; newspaper editors and communications professionals; non-profit directors and private-sector CEOs.

Along the way, friendships have formed, professional networks have expanded, and ELGL has evolved into an organization that many of you depend on in your professional lives.

And, we are continually sharing local government news and information. We are averaging 300 hits per day on the ELGL blog, and have a vibrant presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+.

As ELGL has grown, it has become necessary to evolve into a more formalized organization – to ensure the continued viability of ELGL, and to perpetuate ELGL’s success into the future. At the direction of the ELGL advisory board, ELGL has formed as a 501(c)6 organization. This allows ELGL to operate independent from individual members, and to provide exciting opportunities to our members.

To this end, effective this month, we will begin charging a $20 annual membership fee. Current graduate students will receive free membership to ensure their continued participation. There are significant benefits to membership, including:

  • Access to the ELGL listserv
  • Access to the monthly newsletter
  • Early registration for all lunch forums
  • Reduced member price for all lunch forums
  • Featured resumes in The Resume Book
  • Access to expanded ELGL job listings
  • Free blog job postings for employment opportunities
  • Opportunities for involvement with ELGL advisory board and promotions

The membership application and payment process is available exclusively online

The decision to begin charging dues is was not an easy one to make – for the last two years, we have taken great pride in the organization’s ability to grow and evolve on a shoestring. With the addition of membership revenue, we anticipate the following expenditures:

  • Scholarships for ELGL members to Oregon professional conferences including OCCMA, OMFOA, OAMR,ORAPA, etc.
  • Web site upgrades
  • Event liability insurance
  • 501(c)6 administrative costs.

At this two-year anniversary of ELGL, we celebrate our organizational milestones. None of our success would have occurred without the loyalty of you and your dedication to ELGL events and our online tools. Thank you for helping make ELGL a successful local government network in Oregon. We would also like to extend a special thanks to the ELGL advisory board – they have provided invaluable guidance to the organization.

The adopted Constitution, By-Laws, and the anticipated two year budget for ELGL are available online here. We also welcome your questions about the decision to formalize ELGL and appreciate your feedback.

Also, please look forward to an exciting roster of speakers in 2013.  We have started planning and are pleased to announce the following speakers for you to tentatively add to your calendars, with more announcements of speakers to come:

  • January: Bill Wyatt, Port of Portland
  • February: Mark Zusman, Willamette Week editor
  • March: Tiffany Couch, Financial Investigation and Forensic Accounting
  • April:  Greg Baker, City Manager, City of Damascus
  • May:  Steven Bass, President, Oregon Public Broadcasting

Thank you,

Kent Wyatt, Kirsten Wyatt, and Megan Messmer