Job Posting: City of Salem Ass’t to the City Manager

Assistant to the City Manager / Franchise Administrator

City of Salem, Oregon

City of Salem is looking for an experienced professional to perform a wide variety of complex administrative and analytical tasks and project work. The incumbent performs special, complex studies, research projects, and investigations involving more than one City Department or coordination with other agencies or businesses. Responsibilities also include the preparation and presentation of data and recommendations for use in the formulation of broad-scale policy and management decisions, often involving significant economic or political issues; development and preparation of contracts, supporting documentation, change orders, and enabling ordinances; administering and enforcing all aspects of the franchise management program and ensuring compliance will local, state and federal laws regarding the public rights-of-way and services delivered under the authority of a City issued franchise; researching and analyzing public policy issues especially in the areas of telecommunications, broadband and wireless services; researching grant opportunities for City initiatives; and preparing special reports, presentations, or informational material to City Departments, other agencies, City Council or the public.