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Pierce budget would shed 50 jobs, include a 1 percent pay raise – The Pierce County executive would eliminate nearly 50 jobs next year, including 14 vacant law enforcement positions. And the budget for nearly every county department would be reduced, with cuts ranging from less than 1 percent to nearly 10 percent.

Why Business Meetings Are Often a Waste of Time — and Productivity – Internal meetings are the bane of corporate life. There are too many meetings, they take too long, and they get too little accomplished.

Office Anger, and How to Find Its Roots – Career Couch – What’s really making you lose emotional control at work? Often, it’s not the upsetting situation at hand.

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A Conversation with Jefferson Smith –  Our third meeting for the busy month of September will be with Jefferson Smith – City of Portland Mayoral Candidate. This event will take place on September 28th at noon. Our meeting will be brown bag so please feel free to bring your lunch.

The City of Tigard is recruiting to fill a variety of Board and Committee openings. Are you interested? Check out the details on our Volunteer Opportunities Page.


On Our Radar: Do Toasty Offices Boost Productivity? Ever paid attention to the temperature in your office? The office thermostat can profoundly affect employee productivity and relationships, according to Fast Company. Too cold, and workers are likely to view their colleagues as less generous and caring; warmth, on the other hand, encourages camaraderie and productivity.

5 Reasons to Ditch Your Dress Code – Talented people are as diverse as the clothes they wear. You may be stifling your employees with your dress policy.


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LinkedIn habits to quit – Hallelujah! LinkedIn did its users a great service when it stopped supporting the feature that allowed users to connect their Twitter stream to their LinkedIn status.

5 Ways to Use Pinterest for Your Job Search – At the beginning of 2012, Mashable asked, Can Pinterest Help Your Job Search?, and we’re answering “Yes!” with five ways to use Pinterest in your job search and your career development.

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