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Public employees base salary only half of total compensation, PSU study shows – Base salary only makes up half the total cost of compensation for public employees in Oregon. Indeed, the value of overtime, paid time off, medical and post-retirement benefits, plus a host of other additions often exceeds base wages, according to a study released this week by Portland State University’s Center for Public Service.

Open Budget Application Improves Palo Alto, Calif.’s Accessibility – Palo Alto, Calif., launched a new interactive Web tool on Wednesday, Sept. 19, for viewing and analyzing city budget information, which city officials said may be the first of its kind.

The Geography of the 47%  – The states with the highest share of tax non-payers may actually contain the very conservative votes that Romney needs.

One Question: Should Portland Have OK’d Fluoridation Without a Vote of the People? – The Portland City Council voted unanimously Sept. 12 to fluoridate Portland’s water by mid-2014. Foes, seeking to refer the question.

Block Busters – The urban density Charlie Hales championed has arrived on Division Street. Why isn’t he celebrating?

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A Conversation with Jefferson Smith –  Our third meeting for the busy month of September will be with Jefferson Smith – City of Portland Mayoral Candidate. This event will take place on September 28th at noon. Our meeting will be brown bag so please feel free to bring your lunch.




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How To Tame Your Inner Control Freak – “I consider myself an enabler more than a manager, but I’m also a bit of a control freak,” says Toronto-based Katie Taylor, 55, the chief executive of luxury hotel brand Four Seasons.

How to be Pregnant and CEO: 5 Tips  –  It’s absolutely possible to be pregnant, or a new mother, and a CEO at the same time. Some words of wisdom from someone who’s been there.

Is Your Career Bleeding You Dry? The saying goes that you have to spend money to make money. But there’s a difference between investing in career success and indulging in unnecessary business expenses. The problem is this: Some of the very things seen as investments are also just one step away—and maybe, one extra zero on your credit-card bill—from extraneous spending.

Unhappy at Work? Find Out Where You FitViewsOnYou, an online platform launched in March, enables users to search for companies that match their personality profile. Users can build a profile by inviting peers to rate them on 23 traits, such as appetite for risk, sociability and career ambition. The process takes about three minutes, and could help guide your next job search.

Why Business Meetings Are Often a Waste of Time — and Productivity – Internal meetings are the bane of corporate life. There are too many meetings, they take too long, and they get too little accomplished.

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How Pinterest can boost your press release results – Pinterest is taking over social media. Why not? It’s fun, highly addictive and newly announced as the third-most-popular social network in the world. It’s creeping up on Facebook with 11-plus million users.

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