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Gresham proposes citywide fee to bolster anemic budget – The city of Gresham is making the case to add a $7.50 fee to Gresham utility bills in an effort to stabilize its general fund.

Rogue Of the Week: Greater Portland Inc. Why is this slippery actor billed as an economist?

Crapping Out – A state analysis finds a private casino would cost Oregon millions every year.

How Sports Teams Are Making Cities Greener  – Leagues are taking an impressive range of innovative and cost-effective steps toward sustainability.

Bend Fire aims to find way to stop cutbacks – In the last three years, Bend Fire and Rescue has reduced staff by close to 10 positions. Fire officials say with the way things are going, they may need to make more cuts to staffing — or find a way to avoid it.

 John Kitzhaber starts new mission: reform of Oregon’s tax system –  Now that he’s gotten major initiatives under way to change Oregon’s health care and education systems, Gov. John Kitzhaber is putting his energy into another potential pick-breaker: restructuring the state’s volatile taxes.

Challenge.gov: Using Competitions and Awards to Spur Innovation | IBM Center for the Business of Gov – A recent IBM Center report examines a cross-government electronic platform, known as Challenge.gov, created to be a one-stop location where agencies can pose problems and challenge the public to provide solutions.

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RSVP: ELGL Forum with Clackamas County Administrators Steve Wheeler, Nancy Newton and Laurel Butman – Please join us on Wednesday, September 19th at noon for an ELGL forum with Steve Wheeler, Clackamas County Administrator and his two Deputy County Administrators, Nancy Newton and Laurel Butman.  The forum will be held in Clackamas County Development Services Building, 150 Beavercreek Road, Oregon City, OR 97045.

ELGL Central Oregon Event: Leadership Trust Bank – Captain Cory Darling and Lieutenant Chris Carney from the Bend Police Department will discuss how managers and supervisors tend to lose the respect of those they are supposed to lead by the little things they do or do not do.  


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What to Do After Your Job Interview – These seven steps will help keep your candidacy strong, while also keeping you from going crazy with suspense.

Seven Keys to Adjusting to a New Boss – Darwin would be proud, as he famously said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

U.S. Workforce Illness Costs $576B Annually From Sick Days To Workers Compensation – From absenteeism due to illness to the cost of disability and workers’ compensation, poor health costs the U.S. economy more than a half a trillion dollars a year, according to a new study by a nonprofit research organization.

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