Portland will add fluoride to city drinking water by March 2014

Portland City Council approves fluoride in drinking water

By KATU.com Staff and Associated Press

PORTLAND, Ore. — In a meeting where police had to remove unruly protesters for yelling, swearing and disrupting the vote, the Portland City Council on Wednesday unanimously approved adding fluoride to the city’s drinking water.

City councilors argued it’s Portland’s responsibility to protect childrens’ health. Medical experts say it’s a safe and effective way to keep teeth healthy.

Portland was the largest U.S. city without fluoridation.

Opponents disputed whether fluoride is safe and said adding the mineral to drinking water violates a person’s right to consent to medication.

Mayor Sam Adams repeatedly called for order during the meeting as outraged fluoride protesters continued to yell and shout. One protester dropped a large banner from the balcony demanding a public vote.

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