Introducing PSU Public Service Innovation Lab

From Jeff Bailey, Hatfield Fellow:

We here at the Center for Public Service at PSU are interested in catalyzing innovation in the public sector.  To do this, we are considering a new program tentatively titled “The Public Service Innovation Lab” – which would assist public service organizations in identifying, implementing, and evaluating innovative solutions to public service delivery challenges.  I’m sure everyone is familiar with the call to be more innovative, but we’re interested in how innovation actually happens.

First of all, a one-page overview of our proposed program is attached to this email.  Feel free to take a look to give you an idea of the intervention we’re proposing. Innovation Lab Handout

Secondly, I have put together a short survey to get feedback from local government leaders in order to understand the ways in which we can support your efforts to be more innovative. Please let us know how we can help by filling out our survey. It should take less than 5 minutes.  Your responses will be anonymous unless you optionally fill-in contact information so that we may follow-up with you.

Thank you for your time.