08.25.12 Your Saturday Post



ELGL Forum with Charlie Hales, Portland Mayoral Candidate – Please join us on Thursday, September 13 at noon for an ELGL forum with Charlie Hales, Portland mayoral candidate.

Garbage Service Information Request – Veneta is seeking examples of RFPs for waste removal service.  If you have a recent example (within ten years) please send them to Chris Workman, City of Veneta.

Poll: Are You a True Oregonian? How would you answer this answer? The question has become a topic of conversation after Metro announced results from their latest Opt In survey.

ELGL Poll: Will Missouri Senate Candidate Drop Out? What do you think?

Hillsboro Baseball Team Name – They’re looking for your help in suggesting the perfect name! Submit your idea and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a prize pack including a pair of 2013 Season Tickets.

Attend an Open House this September – The needs and concerns of Oregon citizens are a key driver of the Oregon Passenger Rail study. Six scoping open houses are being held in the study area to give you an opportunity to learn more about this project and to help identify issues and a range of passenger rail route alternatives.  Your input is important to us!

Help Us Improve the State Portal (Oregon.gov) – We’re about to do something cool with the Oregon.gov website. But before we do, we’d like to learn more about you and what you think we can do to improve our service. It’s just a few simple questions and will take less than five minutes!


Stockton Bankruptcy May Force ‘Mass Exodus’ Of Police During Crime Wave – Bankrupt Stockton, Calif., faces a “mass exodus” of police officers in the midst of a crime wave if it is forced by creditors to slash pension benefits for current and retired employees, its city manager said in a letter to Gov. Jerry Brown.

The Ritzy Hood at the Heart of ‘Gangnam Style’ – The song is a sly send-up of Gangnam’s self-importance and ostentatious wealth.

A Brief History of the Birth of Urban Planning – The field first started in America as the purview of three very different types of thinkers.


How to Look for a Job without your Employer Finding Out – It’s so important to have a strong online presence when you’re looking for a job. I would argue everyone needs a professional online brand just to stay on top of their careers these days! But this can definitely be a challenge when you’re still employed and trying to keep your search on the down-low.

Identifying Disgruntled Employees Before They Retaliate – While the shooter’s motive is still unclear, security experts say the incident serves as a fresh reminder to companies that workplace violence poses a significant threat – especially when employees have reason to be disgruntled, such as after a firing. Often, there are clues leading up to the incident.

The Interview Question That’s Always Asked (and How to Nail It) – “Do you have any questions for us?” As someone who regularly conducts interviews, I find it staggering how many interviewees are not prepared for the one question that you can be absolutely certain will be asked. In some ways, it is the most important question of the entire interview. The interviewer will look at the questions that you ask as representative of your top priorities.

City Sets Up a Corporation to Oversee Its Tech Projects – Scalded by scandal, cost overruns and embarrassments in some of its most ambitious computerization efforts, the Bloomberg administration has hit upon on a new remedy: outsourcing such projects to a new quasi-governmental entity that will operate free of the usual city procurement rules, salary limits and legislative oversight.

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Coming in the side door: The value of homepages is shifting from traffic-driver to brand – At leading media companies, like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, the majority of traffic now bypasses the homepage.

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