08.12.12 Your Sunday Sermon


Photo: Congratulations. The entire community is proud of you! Check out other game photos herehttp://photos.sbsun.com/2012/08/oregon-wins-ll-nw-title-with-8-4-win-over-id-august-11-2012/

ELGL Willamette Valley Meeting – ELGL Willamette Valley would like to announce this month’s meeting scheduled for the 16th from 12:00-1:30 p.m. The City of Veneta will be hosting and Ric Ingham, City Administrator for the past 8.5 years, will be presenting on Urban Renewal and the City of Veneta’s experiences.

ELGL Central Oregon Event: Transforming Government – Bend Police Chief Jeff Sale and Lieutenant Chris Carney will discuss how government can no longer afford to operate in status quo mode.  They will use the Bend Police Departments current transformation as an example of how the lack of funding and ever increasing costs are forcing these changes.

Poll: Better Off? – Are you better off today than you were four years ago? Ronald Reagan’s famous question to voters in his 1980 campaign now looms over the 2012 presidential election.

Marion County health advisory board is looking for new members – The Marion County Health Advisory Board is looking for members to represent various groups, including Latino, Russian and cultural communities as well as people age 17-24.

Support the Gresham Little Leaguers – Spaghetti feed this Monday Night from 6-9 at Boccelli’s. $10 a person and all proceeds go to help pay for the travel expenses for the Gresham Nationals team parents. Please show up and support the team! Re-post and lets raise some money for these kids!


Life in litigious land: Can’t we just compromise? I talked to the city manager of Seaside, and it sounded like he thinks, probably correctly, that the library’s rule was the victim of a sort of witch hunt by the Liberty Counsel, a group that seeks to protect religious liberties and has a lot of success doing so.

Would a library taxing district come at no cost to Portland’s budget? Multnomah County leaders decided last week to put a library taxing district on the November ballot — but even before then it had been a topic of much discussion.

The school Vernonia (and Oregon) built with a clear vision – The $40 million project, situated well above the flood plain, exemplifies Oregon’s best model of everyone pitching in. It took private and non-profit partners as well as sustained civic and political will to get it done.

Millions of Dollars May Lie in California’s Special Fund – As it grapples with massive budget cuts, the state may have hundreds of millions more than officials thought. 


Wrongdoers Feel a ‘Cheater’s High’ – Ever wonder why workers do things like pad their expense reports or commit even worse financial fraud?  Turns out that cheating, no matter how small, provides an immediate rush rather than remorse.

5 Quick Ways You Can Bring Positive Psychology To Your Workplace – To really get the full benefits of wellness when it comes to day-to-day psychology, however, many businesses are upping the ante by actually bringing health to the office—and encouraging employees to get short workouts while on the job.

Parting Is Such Sweet Revenge – Whether the leave-taking is voluntary or pink-slipped, anyone with a Facebook page, Twitter account or Tumblr feed can issue a very public kiss-off to a former boss or company.


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