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ELGL Willamette Valley Meeting – ELGL Willamette Valley would like to announce this month’s meeting scheduled for the 16th from 12:00-1:30 p.m. The City of Veneta will be hosting and Ric Ingham, City Administrator for the past 8.5 years, will be presenting on Urban Renewal and the City of Veneta’s experiences.

ELGL Central Oregon Event: Transforming Government – Bend Police Chief Jeff Sale and Lieutenant Chris Carney will discuss how government can no longer afford to operate in status quo mode.  They will use the Bend Police Departments current transformation as an example of how the lack of funding and ever increasing costs are forcing these changes.

Poll: Better Off? – Are you better off today than you were four years ago? Ronald Reagan’s famous question to voters in his 1980 campaign now looms over the 2012 presidential election.

Spirit of Portland Awards – We are gearing up for the 2012 Spirit of Portland Awards! Nomination forms are now available.

COMMUNICATION INTERNSHIP AT INTEL – In this position, you will be assisting the CCDO (Compute Component Development Organization) General Manager and Operations Manager in developing and implementing communication plans for a 1,000-employee organization within the Intel Architecture Group.

City of Mt. Angel – Please take a few minutes to take our survey to let us know what you think about our City.



Cities Court Craft Breweries – The number of U.S. breweries is at a 125 year high with 350 new breweries opening in the past year, according to stats released on Monday by the Brewers Association.

What We Can Learn From Portland – Three years ago, Green For All teamed up with the city of Portland on a pilot program designed to weatherize homes and cut energy waste. We believed that the city’s energy efficiency efforts could do more than just slash pollution and fight global warming. Done right, this work could lift people out of poverty and change lives.

Do Basketball Arenas Spur Economic Development? The latest research finds arenas are “not the cause of development so much as they are the effect.”

Roads? Rail? How do we pay for them? Metro Opt In survey digs into region’s wish list, necessities. A new Metro survey says Portland-area residents want government leaders to maintain and repair existing roads.


Leadership Tip: How to Move from Ideas to Action – New strategies fail at an alarming rate. In fact, my research has shown that 70 percent of all large-scale change efforts hit roadblocks and ultimately break down.

The Top 3 Questions New Professionals Ask About Building A Successful Career – This week, I received a thought-provoking email from a young female HR professional — Neha Fatehchandani — from Indore, India, hoping for some career mentorship as well as answers to several burning career questions.

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Commonly misused social media terms – I’ve compiled some of (what I’ve seen to be) commonly misused social media terms to help you, a friend, or a loved one, talk a little nerdier about social media.

New Facebook Feature Lets You Send Photos as Real Postcards – Facebook is testing a feature that allows you to turn your Facebook photos into physical postcards that can be sent to your friends.

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