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ELGL Willamette Valley Meeting – ELGL Willamette Valley would like to announce this month’s meeting scheduled for the 16th from 12:00-1:30 p.m. The City of Veneta will be hosting and Ric Ingham, City Administrator for the past 8.5 years, will be presenting on Urban Renewal and the City of Veneta’s experiences.

ELGL Central Oregon Event: Transforming Government – Bend Police Chief Jeff Sale and Lieutenant Chris Carney will discuss how government can no longer afford to operate in status quo mode.  They will use the Bend Police Departments current transformation as an example of how the lack of funding and ever increasing costs are forcing these changes.

Wanted: Community members for Metro’s review committee – Interested in improving how Metro involves the public? Apply for the Public Engagement Review Comm by Aug 24.

Clackamas County seeks volunteers for Board of Property Tax Appeals – The Clackamas County Board of Commissioners will soon be appointing two pools of county residents to serve on the Board of Property Tax Appeals, which offers reimbursement to board members due to the concentrated time commitment involved.  The County is seeking non-office-holding county residents who are available during business hours Monday through Thursday.

Poll: Playing with Fire by Sandy City Manager Scott Lazenby – Have you read “Playing with Fire”

QuestionPro Survey – Accelerate Bend 2030 – You are invited to contribute to the Accelerate Bend outcome by evaluating and commenting on the Vision Accelerators presented in this survey by Friday, August 17 by midnight.


Trees vs. Power Lines: Will We Have to Choose? The notice of the hearing landed in my inbox from the High Street Hill Association, one of many neighborhood organizations on the front lines of local government here in the Boston metro area. The local utility company, NStar, wanted to cut down a dozen trees along the streets of Brookline, Massachusetts.

Political Pollsters Struggle to Get the Right Cell Number – As they gauge voter sentiment in this tight presidential race, pollsters face a big challenge: more and more voters hang up on them.

Local Government Bankruptcy in California: Questions and Answers – Recently, three California municipalities filed for bankruptcy relief under Chapter 9 of the federal bankruptcy code: Stockton, San Bernardino, and Mammoth Lakes. These filings—occurring just months after the City of Vallejo completed its three year Chapter 9 process—have raised questions about the use of Chapter 9 in California.

7 Mobile App Development Tips for Local Governments – Is your city or county thinking about building an officialmobile app? If so and you’re at a loss on where to begin, IT experts from two California cities have some tips to keep in mind before taking the plunge into smartphone app development.

Troutdale City Council calls for mayor’s resignation over out-of-compliance structure; mayor calls for theirs in return – In a standing room-only special meeting Tuesday evening, the Troutdale City Council released a summary of the investigation into an accessory structure Mayor Jim Kight built on his property, followed by councilors’ strong condemnations of the mayor’s behavior and calls for his resignation.

Chalk as speech? Occupier says yes, Bremerton says no – A Bremerton man who uses sidewalk chalk as his protest medium of choice said his civil liberties were violated when Bremerton police officers and the fire department removed his work in late July.


Former Unpaid Intern Calls On Companies To Pay Up – Ben Weitzenkorn worked for six months without pay at the New York Observer, and he doesn’t want others to go through the same thing.

On resumes, quiet hours and how your male boss is more likely to think you work overtime – Trying to be more productive before or after your summer vacation? You shouldn’t necessarily shut the door and try to institute an hour or two of quiet time, points out psychologist Christian Jarrett at the site 99u.


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Social Media Elevates Community Policing – Picking up a tip or two from tech-savvy children is not unusual these days for parents living in an increasingly connected world. For Newberry County, S.C., Sheriff James Lee Foster, however, a tip from his children not only helped his department solve crimes more quickly, it also  helps him stay plugged into his community like never before.

Beware, Tech Abandoners. People Without Facebook Accounts Are ‘Suspicious.’Things have changed. Now we all need to be able to respond to email immediately. And to tweet. And to instantly share our photos onFacebook. We’re all addicted to technology now, and not just to the Blackberry.

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