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RSVP: ELGL Forum with Bob Moore, founder of Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods – The event will be held at Bob’s Red Mill corporate headquarters in Milwaukie (13521 SE Pheasant Ct., Milwaukie, OR  97222) on August 8th. Please note, this is a different location than the store. The event will begin at 11:45 am and last until 1pm. For those who are able to stay longer, a tour of the Bob’s Red Mill facility will begin at 1pm.

Chick-fil-A Flap Not Cities’ Business? Should city leaders “not welcome” Chick-fil-A in their communities?

White City Hosts Town Hall Meeting With County Commissioner Don Skundrick on Monday, August 20 – With the potential incorporation of White City being placed in voters’ hands, Jackson County Commissioner Don Skundrick invites residents of this community to discuss the issue at a town hall meeting on Monday, August 20, 2012 at 6:30 p.m.

Greater Portland’s 5th Annual Economic Summit: September 27, 2012 – Greater Portland Inc. is pleased to announce that this year’s Annual Economic Summit will be held September 27, 2012 and registration for the event is now open.


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When Stacks Attack – The costly Multnomah County Library has never been controversial—until now.

City of Yakima could face $4M budget hole – The city of Yakima faces annual deficits ranging up to $4 million through 2016 unless it revises expectations over expenditures and services, the City Council heard Tuesday in its first major look at new City Manager Tony O’Rourke’s approach to budgeting.

Tea Party Ties Up Tax to Ease Atlanta Traffic – A plan for a transportation sales tax was endorsed by Georgia’s Republican governor and the Democratic mayor of the state’s largest city. It was backed by the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and the area’s top businesses. It was pushed by top political consultants funded by more than $8 million in corporate and other donations.

Phoenix council decides to hire a new city manager – While city officials say they have no qualms with his job performance, with Naffah juggling everything from water rates to transportation and urban renewal, Naffah’s limited schedule prompted the council decision to offer just a six-month contract extension.

Tigard workers rescue city employee – A Tigard maintenance worker nearly died last month after suffering a heart attack and teetered on the edge of an open manhole cover before being saved by the efforts of quick-thinking co-workers.



How to Grow Your Network Without Really Trying – A reporter is only as good as her sources. As a self-employed journalist for 23 years, I was also only as good as my clients. Therefore, much of my career has been devoted to expanding my network.

Employers should revisit use of background checks – In the wake of new guidance by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, employers may want to revisit their criteria for basing employment decisions on arrest and conviction records. A recent study revealed that as many as 92 percent of employers use criminal background checks in making hiring decisions for some or all of their employees.

13 Ways Your Resume Can Say ‘I’m Unprofessional’ – Hiring pros share the faux pas they find in real resumes, including wacky e-mail addresses, defunct phone numbers and cookie-cutter templates.

For Paternity Leave, Sweden Asks if Two Months Is Enough – Sweden’s paternity-leave benefits, enjoyed by citizens and foreign residents alike, are the most generous in the world—and a debate is under way nationwide over whether to extend them even further. Sweden should require men to take a minimum of three months’ leave, instead of the current two months, some politicians argue.

When Performance Reviews Are Everyone’s Business – As some companies flatten out their management hierarchies and encourage more team-work, they’re doing away with traditional top-down, manager-led performance reviews and leaning more heavily on the rank-and-file for evaluations.

8 Ways to Find More Time in the Day – As more Americans juggle multiple jobs, they also discover how to better manage their minutes.

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No Vacation From Tweeting – Social Media’s Power Players Want to Stay ‘On Brand,’ Even on a Honeymoon Safari.

7 steps to better time management on social media – Social media management can be a difficult task no matter how long you’ve been on Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other platforms.

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