Three Finalists Named for Oakridge City Manager

59 seek Oakridge manager position

City residents will get a chance to meet the three finalists for the position today

By Jeff Wright

The Register-Guard

Published: Wednesday, Aug 1, 2012 04:25AM

OAKRIDGE — Who would want to take on the top municipal job in a town as financially strapped and politically charged as Oakridge?

At least 59 people, it turns out.

The City Council and other city officials in recent weeks have pored over the 59 applications for the job of city administrator, first trimming the list to 15 semifinalists and, now, to three finalists.

City residents will get their chance to meet the final three at a city-sponsored “meet and greet” this evening at Greenwaters Park on the east edge of town. The City Council will interview the finalists beginning at 8 a.m. Thursday in the Council Chamber at City Hall.

The finalists are William Berg, a former city clerk for the city of Meridian, Idaho; Curtis Kelling, who has worked as administrator for Chewelah utilities billing in northeast Washington state and also held positions with the Oregon cities of Boardman, Coos Bay and Dallas; and Gian Paolo Mammone, who recently served as city administrator in Falls City west of Salem and who lives in nearby Dallas.

The three seek to succeed Gordon Zimmerman, who resigned late last year following a lengthy controversy over the discovery that the city had spent more than it was taking in for more than two years, draining its $1.2 million cash reserves in the process.

The result was layoffs of city employees, loans against future property tax revenues and unhappy residents as the city struggled to figure out how to pay its bills.

Former Salem city manager Bob DeLong was hired early this year as interim city administrator. And when he stepped down, longtime Oakridge Police Chief Louis Gomez was named interim administrator.

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