Testimonial and Job Posting

We are often asked why we bother posting jobs outside the Portland area. Are we trying to decrease the population of Portland? Do we hate America? Do we think Chapel Hill, NC, is within driving distance of Portland, OR? Are we stupid?

The answer is best summed by two ELGL members who recently transitioned to jobs outside of Oregon. Zoe Monahan moved to Jerome, Idaho, to serve as community development director and Ben McCready transitioned to assistant to the city manager in Rock Island, IL.

In today’s difficult job market, it is clear being willing to relocate is a huge advantage for moving up the career ladder. The experiences gained from working in organizations in different parts of the country provides the chance to extend your networking group, work on issues that you might not otherwise be exposed to, and increased confidence in succeeding  in new environments.

Many thanks to Ben for passing along the following note and job announcements.

“I’ve been a part of ELGL for a sometime now, and have actually relocated to Rock Island, IL. I’ve been plugging into the social media and am glad that I can stay in touch with what’s going on back home. My journey to Illinois began when I noticed a posting on the jobs portion of the ELGL website. That being said, when two positions were posted here late yesterday afternoon, I thought it would only be fitting to share them with the group.”

“I’ve linked them below, two positions in the Community and Economic Development Department, Budget and Grants Manager and Planning and Redevelopment Administrator, were also looking for a Director of our MLK Center.”

Budget and Grants Manager

Director of MLK Center