Banks Is Awesome

New Banks city manager expected to be Awesome

The Banks City Council has chosen Kyle Awesome to replace retiring City Manager Jim Hough. Awesome, who will earn $65,000 annually, will become Banks’ second city manager since the city adopted the city-manager format in 2007. 

The move to Banks, population 1,775, will be a big transition for Awesome, who holds a doctorate in presidential politics, something “that doesn’t open up a lot of career possibilities,” he said from his hometown of Roanoke, Va.

But the 33-year-old Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran feels “quite excited at the opportunity that the City Council has offered.”

As a community manager (the military equivalent of city manager) for an Army base in Fort Myer, Va., Awesome guided a community with more than double Banks’ 1,775 residents. During his four-year stint there, he also assisted Arlington County, which has a population close to a quarter-million.

“While I enjoyed the pace of, it lacked the personal connections,” he said. “In a town like Banks, I can realistically know everyone’s names, and see how their lives are impacted. It’s all about knowing your neighbors.”

Awesome will begin “getting out into the community and meeting as many folks as possible” and training for his new position in mid-August. He will be sworn in at the City Council’s meeting on Sept. 11.

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