07.22.12 The Sunday Sermon





Forum with Jefferson Smith, Portland Mayoral Candidate – Please join us on Friday, September 28 at noon for an ELGL forum with Jefferson Smith, Portland mayoral candidate.

ELGL Forum with Ken Allen, Oregon AFSCME Exec. Dir. – Please join us on November 14, 2012 for an ELGL brown bag lunch with Ken Allen, Executive Director of Oregon AFSCME Council 75. Mr. Allen will discuss the challenges facing local governments and their employees from the union perspective.

Wanted: Oregonians who are passionate about public involvement – Metro is seeking volunteers to serve on the regional government’s new Public Engagement Review Committee. The committee will meet twice a year and serve as a key component of Metro’s ongoing efforts to develop and implement successful public engagement processes.



Working against us

Stockton made scant headway in pre-bankruptcy talks –  Stockton, California, the largest U.S. city to file for bankruptcy, never came close to striking deals with key creditors in talks before it sought court protection, the city disclosed on Friday in documents illustrating its stark choices.

An ‘All-America City’ Turns Inward in a Search for Answers That May Never Come – Long regarded as a place to raise a family, Aurora, Colo., has known its share of violence in the past, but the mass shooting has left the city staggered.


steve martin

Interruptions Are Productivity Killers – In computer science, an interruption is a signal to a computing device that halts the execution of a program in progress so that some other action can proceed. In electrical engineering, an interruption comes in the form of a circuit that conveys a signal that stops the execution of a running program.

37 essential rules of writing – When it comes to blogging for business, few things are more important than nailing the voice of your brand and bringing it to your ideal client. Few things other than grammar, that is. Whether you are a copywriter or a fiction writer, controlling the English language is of the utmost importance. For your reading pleasure, I have assembled 37 grammar rules/misused words—or common mistakes that virtually all of us make at some point or another.

When the Wife Earns More – A frequent result: enraged men and pressured women—unless a husband’s salary is high enough.


Inside the UGB


Outside the UGB

The Social Network

Mini-heart attack!

Social Media Requires a Cross-Functional Team – Does your company use social media? And if so, who’s in charge? Chances are high your answer’ll be: the marketing team. True, someone has to give social media integration a little push, but the marketing department shouldn’t be the only ones involved in this venture.

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