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RSVP: ELGL Happy New (Fiscal) Year Social – Celebrate the start of FY 2013 and the recipient of the “Knope of the Year” award.

ELGL Eugene Meeting Update – Your invited to attend the ELGL-Eugene luncheon meeting to be held Thursday, July 19th from 12:00-1:30 p.m. hosted by Lane County.

Wanted: Oregonians who are passionate about public involvement – Metro is seeking volunteers to serve on the regional government’s new Public Engagement Review Committee. The committee will meet twice a year and serve as a key component of Metro’s ongoing efforts to develop and implement successful public engagement processes.

CLACKAMAS COUNTY ANALYSIS OF IMPEDIMENTS (AI) TO FAIR HOUSING CHOICE – The County is preparing a new AI and is asking for your participation in this brief survey. Your answers are confidential. Results of this countywide survey will be compiled by outside consultants. Only aggregated results will be reported.

You can now sign up to volunteer for Eugene Sunday Streets online! Just go to the page below and click on “Volunteer Sign-Up Form”. Remember, we schedule shifts so there is time to volunteer/help out and enjoy the event on your own!



A Tale Of Two Cities: Too Many Jobs, Or Not Enough – The unemployment rate of border communities can sometimes artificially increase — and even double — because of a large uncounted migrant population, says San Diego State University economics professor James Gerber. And border cities tend to have greater health problems and lower levels of education, which are associated with high unemployment, he says.

Pensions, loss of tax revenue puts other cities at risk for bankruptcy – Don’t be surprised if more California cities go belly up. Certainly a number of experts around the state won’t be. The pressures that pounded San Bernardino, Stockton and Mammoth Lakes into bankruptcy mode aren’t much different from those threatening other cities around the state: stagnating tax revenue, spiraling pension obligations and decreased financial support from the state, among others.

For Transit Relief, Atlanta Ponders a Penny Tax – A transit plan attempts to thread a political needle in an era when any effort at new spending is a Sisyphean task.


Leadership Is a Conversation – The command-and-control approach to management has in recent years become less and less viable. Globalization, new technologies, and changes in how companies create value and interact with customers have sharply reduced the efficacy of a purely directive, top-down model of leadership.

Help Your Team Embrace Change – Sometimes getting people on board with a change is harder than implementing the change itself. Next time your team balks at something new, do the following.

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