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RSVP for ELGL Forum with Former Governor Barbara Roberts – Please join us on Thursday, July 12, for an ELGL brown-bag session with former Oregon Governor and current Metro Councilor Barbara Roberts.

ELGL Social Hour at OCCMA Conference – Learn more about ELGL and how our membership is redefining the future of local government in Oregon!

RSVP: ELGL Happy New (Fiscal) Year Social – Celebrate the start of FY 2013 and the recipient of the “Knope of the Year” award.

What Should Hillsboro Name Its New Baseball Team? Vote in the ELGL poll.

Grading the New OregonLive Website – What Grade Do You Give the New OregonLive Website?

Join Opt In, Metro’s online opinion panel – Help shape the future of the region by joining Opt In, Metro’s online opinion panel. You’ll be entered into drawings to win gift cards, event tickets and more.


The Coming Decade of Local Government – Our cities and counties enjoy the highest level of citizen trust of any level of government. That’s why they will lead the way despite the fiscal challenges to come.

Growing Cities Swap Council-Manager, Mayor-Council Governments – Whether it’s planning infrastructure expansion or hiring more public safety officers, growing cities face numerous challenges as they adapt to accommodate more residents. When these decisions multiply and become more complex, many localities opt to change their form of government.

In Cleveland, Green Goals Are Transformed Into Community Development – Worker-owned cooperatives are leveraging the city’s the biggest institutions to create jobs in the impoverished neighborhoods right next door.


Who Really Takes Summer Fridays? If it’s past noon, you shouldn’t be reading this at your desk. It’s officially summer, and today is Friday. Ergo, you should be joining the lucky 12 percent of workers who enjoy Summer Fridays, a time-honored tradition whereby the workday is shortened or, even better, the office closes to start the weekend early.

The Leader’s Path to Innovation: Less Control, More Chaos In business we speak a lot about “innovation” — how to foster it, how to drive it, how to implement it. But what do we mean when we talk about “innovation”

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