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RSVP for ELGL Forum with Former Governor Barbara Roberts – Please join us on Thursday, July 12, for an ELGL brown-bag session with former Oregon Governor and current Metro Councilor Barbara Roberts.

ELGL Social Hour at OCCMA Conference – Learn more about ELGL and how our membership is redefining the future of local government in Oregon!

RSVP: ELGL Happy New (Fiscal) Year Social – Celebrate the start of FY 2013 and the recipient of the “Knope of the Year” award.

What Should Hillsboro Name Its New Baseball Team? Vote in the ELGL poll.

Grading the New OregonLive Website – What Grade Do You Give the New OregonLive Website?

Join Opt In, Metro’s online opinion panel – Help shape the future of the region by joining Opt In, Metro’s online opinion panel. You’ll be entered into drawings to win gift cards, event tickets and more.


Breaking news in Phoenix

Municipal Use Of Eminent Domain To Seize Mortgages Concerns Finance Industry – Wall Street’s largest lobbying group is objecting to the use of eminent domain by municipalities to seize mortgages packaged into bonds so the loans can be shrunk to aid homeowners who owe more than their properties’ values.

Hiring rebounds for state, local governments – In a rare bright sign for the job market, state and local governments are hiring at the fastest pace in four years.

Why Can’t We Just Convert Vacant Buildings Into Housing for the Homeless? America’s got plenty of vacant properties and a serious homelessness problem. But of course, it’s not that simple.

How the Feds Are Building More Sustainable Cities – Already, the Partnership for Sustainable Communities has given $3.5 billion to more than 700 municipalities.

These Transit Riding Politicians Don’t Support Public Transit – Members of Congress who spent much of this year fighting over transportation funding should remember they have the sweetest transit system around. 

Big US cities boom as young adults shun suburbs –  For the first time in a century, most of America’s largest cities are growing at a faster rate than their surrounding suburbs as young adults seeking a foothold in the weak job market shun home-buying and stay put in bustling urban centers.

Analysis: Bankruptcy no quick fix for weak local governments – U.S. cities and other local governments stung by sour regional economies and deep housing crises are most at risk of becoming the next Stockton. But they will do all they can to avoid following the California city into federal bankruptcy court.


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How I Figured Out What to Do With My Life – If you’re stuck in a job you hate, you’re (unfortunately) not alone. In fact, an astonishing more than 80% of Americans are dissatisfied with their jobs.

The Leader’s Path to Innovation: Less Control, More Chaos – This week, my Kotter International colleague Russell Raath discusses what it takes to innovate.

It’s not manager OR leader, it’s manager AND leader – Everyone has an opinion. It’s similar to asking people how they define success. You’ll get a ton of different answers.

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