Seven Signs You Bombed Your Interview


You arrived dressed in your best suit, tackled every question, and think that you made an excellent impression overall. But you still didn’t get the job.

Where did you go wrong? You might go crazy trying to guess. But if you pay close attention, you can tell when an employer is a little turned off. After conducting their umpteenth interview, most interviewers reveal tell-tale signs inadvertently about their level of interest in a candidate.

Learning to pick up on these signals can give you the opportunity to save a sinking ship. Take a lesson from Dave Donahue, a specialist in the Ruby on Rails Web application who works at the software engineering firm 12 Spokes. According to the company’s official blog, Donahue bombed his phone interview initially. Fifteen minutes in, he listened to his gut, swallowed his pride and said: “I feel like this is going really badly—I’m really nervous, can we start over?” Bold move. But it worked for 12 Spokes president and co-founder, Trey Bean, who liked the confidence Donahue had to speak up and correct course.

Of course, this tactic isn’t foolproof—it won’t work on every employer. Still, it helps to be aware of the situation so you can better gauge expectations. According to the experts, these are some common signs your interview didn’t go so well:

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