06.17.12 The Sunday Sermon



Let's make this a special Father's Day by getting together to violently root against the Miami Heat.

Talkin’ About My Generation with ELGL-Eugene – Please find the attached announcement regarding the upcoming lunch seminar scheduled for Thursday, June 21 in Springfield. Special thanks to Judy Williams at Lane County for putting the agenda together and Jeff Towery at Springfield for agreeing to host us next month.

ELGL Social Hour at OCCMA Conference – Learn more about ELGL and how our membership is redefining the future of local government in Oregon!

Settin’ the Table – You are invited to take a seat at Oregon’s Kitchen Table – an experiment to connect all Oregonians to real decisions in Salem.

Jefferson Smith or Charlie Hales? Which Portland mayoral candidate should ELGL invite to speak at an upcoming forum?

Portland Sunday Parkways – Looking for a little volunteer work before playing at Sunday Parkways? Sign Up as an Intersection Superhero – McCoy Park; 9:45-1:30. Only 8 more days left to fill all the spots!

What should OPB know about Bend for our next Our Town? Are you familiar with Central Oregon? Do you live in Bend? Think Out Load is headed that way for the next in the Our Town series. What should we talk about on the show? Fill out our Public Insight Network query!


You're the world's greatest dad although my frame of reference is limited.

Citizens’ report stalls Rockaway’s city budget approval – Minutes before the City Council was to vote on adopting the 2012-13 city budget, a group of Rockaway Beach citizens presented a report claiming serious financial irregularities and potential illegalities in the proposed budget.

The Brown Act and the Perils of Electronic CommunicationAre your council members aware of the potential pitfalls associated with electronic communication? Be sure to read this article about the Brown Act, email and more.

Fired up over merger – Eugene and Springfield fire officials hope to save money by consolidating.

Rosenblum is a legal pioneer – When Ellen Rosenblum takes the oath in 12 days as Oregon’s 17th attorney general, she will have come full circle in her legal career.


Sorry I can only afford the same Father's Day gift I gave you when I was seven.

Forget the Career Ladder – It’s really a lattice, with lateral moves helping people build their careers these days. A new book recommends focusing on developing skills rather than striving to get to the top.

Work Abroad, Get Ahead – As companies continue expanding into foreign markets, the need for employees that are willing to relocate is creating new opportunities that can offer a rich new experience and fast-track careers.

Why Top Talent Leaves: Top 10 Reasons Boiled Down to 1 – Eric Jackson, a fellow Forbes blogger I follow and find both funny and astute, wrote a really spot-on post last month about why top talent leaves large corporations. He offered ten reasons, all of which I agreed with – and all of which I’ve seen played out again and again, over the course of 25 years of coaching and consulting.  The post was wildly popular – over 1.5 million views at this writing.

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Don't let the fact that Obama became president without having a father in his life make you feel unimportant this Father's Day.

Outside the UGB

You're the best father I can imagine unless you lost my inheritance in the economic meltdown in which case I can imagine better.

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I'd be honored to buy you a Father's Day meal with the credit card you pay for.

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