‘Don’t Cleat the Boss’

By DENNIS NISHI, Wall Street Journal

The objective of the game was to identify which of three confessions was a lie. The scene: a company beach party. A circle of employees at Bender/Helper Impact, a public-relations firm based in Los Angeles, took turns revealing personal details about themselves.

After gulping his third cocktail, the office administrator stepped forward and blurted out that his mother hated him, she was a drunk and that he loved Mexican food.

Nobody knew how to respond to the disclosures, says Dean Bender, founder of the company, who was also participating in the social game. “People had concerns with his mental stability to begin with and this confirmed it. The employee resigned less than a few months later.”

With Memorial Day weekend marking the unofficial beginning of summer, it’s the time of the year when office mates often get together for company softball games, picnics or beach parties. Have some fun.

Be warned, however: The informal nature of the summer out-of-office activities no way means you can set aside your in-the-office decorum.

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