Local Officials Gone Wild

Introducing Officials Gone Wild: A Blotter of Local Leaders Behaving Badly


Beating their kids, lying to score big bank loans, getting arrested for bar brawls… local politicians can be just like us! So much so, in fact, that it can be hard some weeks to keep up with all their scandals. Is it the grossly inflated sense of entitlement that steers baby-kissers toward such knuckleheaded behavior? Maybe the feeling they’re smarter than normal and can outmaneuver everybody?

Who knows! We’re not psychiatrists over here; we just like reading about the careers of local politicians dying in monumental flameouts. With that in mind, welcome to the inaugural post in a series devoted to the crimes, errors in judgment and everyday embarrassments perpetrated by our esteemed municipal leaders. Enjoy!


Anthony Sanchez recently resigned his government job after a neighbor filmed him viciously attacking his stepson because he wasn’t playing “catch” right. Sanchez’s neighbor filmed him over the fence in his backyard in El Centro, about 100 miles inland near the border of Mexico, where the older man got in the boy’s face and lashed him several times with a belt. Somehow, that didn’t appear to make the boy any better at handling a baseball. Police arrested Sanchez after watching the video, and he is no longer Water Director at the Imperial Irrigation District. However, his attorney has stated that the video “was taken out of context and purports the truth to be revealed in court.”

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