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RSVP: Economist Dr. Thomas Potiowsky, June 13 – ELGL is hosting a luncheon with former State Economist and current Chair of the Portland State Economics Department, Dr. Thomas Potiowsky. The discussion will be on the US recovery and the new economic environment. This information will be relevant to long-term local government revenues and anyone interested in budgeting.

Talkin’ About My Generation with ELGL-Eugene – Please find the attached announcement regarding the upcoming lunch seminar scheduled for Thursday, June 21 in Springfield. Special thanks to Judy Williams at Lane County for putting the agenda together and Jeff Towery at Springfield for agreeing to host us next month.

Clackamas County, Oregon – Commissioner Community Roundtable – this Wednesday – Commissioner Community Roundtable – Development Services Building (DSB) Auditorium – 150 Beavercreek Rd., Oregon City, 5:30 p.m.

The City of Yakima is seeking applications for volunteers to serve on the Air Terminal Board, Board of Appeals, Downtown Yakima Parking Commission, City of Yakima Planning Commission, Community Review Board, Parks and Recreation, Public Facilities District Board, SE Community Center, Yakima Arts Commission and Yakima Historic Preservation Commission.



Stockton, Calif. May Be The Next City Driven To Bankruptcy By Bad Management And Unions – Add Stockton, California (population 292,000) to the list of cities bankrupted because of bad management and over-generous public union wages and benefits.

Federal employment drops after years of explosive growth – The federal government has started to trim its workforce, ending several years of explosive and controversial growth.

The Evolution of the Bike Lane – Bike infrastructure is changing, raising new questions about the best design.

What could I earn if I get an MPA/MPP? | NASPAA – Below are common U.S. salary inquires when prospective students are considering an MPA/MPP degree. This page answers: Is a Master’s degree worth it? Does my salary increase? How much would I make in the government/nonprofit/business sector?


I verb nouns. Adverb.

Management Tip: Find Career Opportunities by Asking Questions – Asking the right questions is the key to finding innovative solutions to any problem, even finding a job. Instead of asking “What job can I find today?” what if you asked, “What kind of job can I create today?”

7 Ways To Disrupt Your Industry – Massive disruption is coming, and the only question is whether your firm is going to cause it or fall victim to it.

5 Leadership Behaviors Loyal Employees Trust – Is any relationship ever completely reciprocal? Not really, because one party always wields more power over the other.

All Hail the Generalist – We have become a society of specialists. Business thinkers point to “domain expertise” as an enduring source of advantage in today’s competitive environment. The logic is straightforward: learn more about your function, acquire “expert” status, and you’ll go further in your career.

Courageous Leaders Don’t Make Excuses…They Apologize – I’ve been thinking about the power of apology lately.  I’ve been noticing that the people for whom I have the most respect don’t hesitate to say “I was wrong,” or “I’m sorry I…”

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How to create the ultimate LinkedIn profile in 6 steps – LinkedIn is the social network for business professionals and networking. With 161 millions members to date, it’s one of the most popular social networks. Are you using it to its fullest potential?

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